chapter 5Mature

Chapter 5


As I walked into the kitchen for breakfast the next day I noticed there was ribbon silk and feathers all over the kitchen counters. I heard a lot of chatting and squealing from the balcony so I went to check out what was going on.

“Morning Sweetie” mum and dad said simultaneously

“Morning” I replied. I sat down and mum and Joanna looked at me, smiled at me then giggled as they looked at each other.

“What’s up with you two?” I asked

“Frankie phoned this morning and said she wanted to speak to you” Mum explained

“But you were sleeping so your mother asked if she could take a message!” Joanna squeaked

“Yeah…go on!” I said raising my eyebrow

“Then, she left a message saying that she wanted to go over the final arrangements for going to the PROM!!!” Mum squealed with excitement.

OMG! I am going to kill Frankie!!! She swore she wouldn’t breathe a word about the prom to my family! I’m just lucky she didn’t mention me going with the guy I really fancy, Charlie that my family don’t know about yet!

“You told me that you weren’t going to the prom Ror!” Mum said

“No, actually, I said that I might not be going!” I explained

“But you are going now right?” asked mum getting up and walking towards me

“Yes, I’m going” I sighed

Mum and Joanna squeaked at that so much that the rest of us covered our ears.

“Is anyone taking you darling?” asked dad

“Yes, I’ve been asked already!” I pleasingly said

“Who is it then?” Adam asked interrogatingly

“Just some guy from school!” I quickly replied

“What’s his name then? I might know him!” Adam said annoyingly

“He’s new! You wouldn’t know him!” I lied

“Oh well, I’ll find out on the 22nd!” Adam smugly said turning and going upstairs.

“It’s on the 22nd!!!” Mum squeaked

“That means it’s in a WEEK!!!” Joanna half screamed. I did actually have a dress and a car surprisingly!

My dress was a strapless Purple Silk Corset with patterned lace at the top (I was the only girl in my year with a big enough sized bust to wear something strapless!) with a line of black ribbon across the waist line and the bottom was a circle skirt of Purple Silk with black netting over the top and a medium sized black petty-coat underneath

“We can’t get everything arranged by then!!!” Mum actually screamed

“Wait!!!” I shouted “Get what exactly arranged???” I asked

“The Dress and The car         !!!” Dad explained

“Mum, I’ve got a dress and a car!!!” I explained “We’ve been arranging this for weeks now!”


The car Me, Frankie, Charlie and Eddie (Frankie’s boyfriend) have already rented was a white limo for the night which I was extremely excited about because I have never been in a limo before.

I told mum all the details and her face just went into extremely proud mode.

“This is so wonderful! Now your father can be here for one of the most important nights of your life!” Mum pleasingly said

“You’re not going to make a big deal out it are you?” I pleaded

“We’ll try not to!” Mum said

I immediately went to phone Frankie to shout at her!

“Did you forget you swore that you wouldn’t say anything?”

“Yes, I’m so sorry! But at least now it’s out there so there’s no sneaking around!” She said trying to calm me

“But now my mum and Joanna are going maniac about it and I had to tell her about my dress, saving me form being forced to wear a puffy punk one that my mum and Joanna buy!” I explained aggressively

“How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?” Frankie pleaded

“Ok, ok ill forgive you! What did you want to talk to me about earlier?” I asked

“I just wanted to check that you went down and signed the booking at the Limo rental. Did you?” She asked

“Of course I did! I went down last…Wednesday after school!”

“Good” Frankie sighed with relief

“Have you got your dress yet?” I asked

“Yes, well I’ve chosen it but I wanted you to come with me to come and try it on and buy it!”

“Awww, when do you want to go?” I asked pleasingly

“Umm, can you go after school tomorrow?” She asked

“Yes, but I won’t be free for the next three days!” I Whined

“Why?” Frankie asked in a high voice

“I am getting fitted with the bridesmaid dress!” I explained

“So you’re going to your dad’s wedding then?”

“Yeah, he wants me there and Joanna seems to be a nice lady! It’s just her kids that bug me!”


“They’re so snobby!”

“Come and meet me tomorrow and we’ll soon sort them out!”

“Ooh, Nasty, I like it! Hehe!”

The End

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