Chapter 4Mature

Chapter 4

“Morning Doll!”  A cheery voice said above me.

“I’ve made breakfast!” I realised it was dad and immediately woke up.

“Morning dad” ‘Boy, that sounded weirder out loud than it did in my head’

“Morning my sweet, I’ve decided while I’m here I’m going to try and make up for all the years I’ve missed. So I am taking us all out to wherever, whenever!” He beamingly said through his smile

“Theme parks, clothes, stuff like that?” I asked excitedly

“But of course” He said in a French accent

“Are you sure about this Ror?” Adam interrogatingly said as he walked in my door

“What’s wrong Ad?” asked Dad “Can’t your old dad spoil you?”

“Of course but, after all these years I don’t want Rory getting hurt”

Awww, that’s the nicest thing I’ve heard Adam ever say to me or about me 

“Why would she get hurt?” Dad asked

“By you disappointing her!”

“I would never do that!!!” Dad said standing up

“You already did that when you left!!!” Adam said sternly

“I know! And I am so sorry about that!!!”

“I’m sure you are” Adam said sarcastically

“He is Adam!” I shouted “Why are you so against him?”

“Because when he left me and mum. I had to take care of her when she was tearing herself apart in self-pity!”

“I didn’t mean for that to happen!!!”

“Of course you didn’t and now you’re going to disappoint Rory

Just like you did with mum and I’m not going to let you do that to her!”


Right here, Right now Adam was saying the best things he has ever said to me in my whole life but I still don’t understand why he can’t give dad a chance

“He has come here to make amend Adam! Can’t you see that?”

“I know but-“  

“No buts! Can’t you just give him a chance?!”

“You don’t know him like I do Ror…I know what he’s like!”

“I know you want to protect me Adam but can’t you let me see what he’s like for me instead of being told the negatives and none of the Positives!” I shouted “He’s my dad and I deserve a chance to see what he’s like!!!”

Adam and Dad just sat down on my bed silent.

“You two have some real issues so I am going to go and have breakfast so you two can sort them out!”

I went downstairs and mum was fanning Joanna and handing her a glass of water.

“What happened?” I asked alarmed

“It’s fine” Mum reassured me “Joanna just fainted!”

“That’s not fine! Is the baby ok???”

“Seems to be!” Joanna croaked out

“Aren’t you going to take her to the hospital?”

“I’ve booked an appointment! But one when everyone is out of the house so we don’t alarm anyone”

“Can I come?” I asked Perking up

“Why would a girl your age want to come to a hospital?” Joanna croaked again

I went all shy all of a sudden

“Why would you Ror?”

“Because I want to see my new brother or sister Ok!”

Joanna and Mum both went “Ahhhhhhhh” which creeped me out a bit

“That’s so sweet Ror!”

“I’m so pleased!” Joanna said less croakily

“So can I come” I asked again. Mum looked at Joanna.

“Of course she can! But we need to keep this shtum! Ok?”

“Ok!” I chirped

I was so pleased that I was the only one that knew this little secret out of the rest (Even dad’s family!)


I went to go upstairs n suddenly there was a racket of shouting from my bedroom.

“Sorted it out yet!” I asked loudly walking through the door. They both shut up and looked at me

“You two are never going to sort anything out if you keep shouting at each other!!!” I shouted “Mum and Joanna have gone for a walk down the beach, Stacey and Michael have gone up the school to check it out and you are here screaming your lungs out getting nowhere!”

I felt really big at that point

“So what am I supposed to do as I can’t get through to him?!”

“Go for a drink or something like guys do but don’t create any hassle for us!” I said calming down “Adam he is your dad too and I know what he has done in the past but what about now! I know it’s hard to forget but if you just try and see what a different man he is now you may grow to even like him!”

I walked downstairs with Dad and Adam following me, handed them their coats and pushed them out of the door then I grabbed my bag and headed for school.

All though our lessons we were doing the usual giggling and passing notes until we finally got let out of this hell hole they call school and went to the car park and bundled in Eddie's car.

"So, W            here to ladies?" Eddie smoothly said and Frankie giggled. She is so childish sometimes.

"Umm...why don't we go to the pool?" Luke said.

"Just because u want to drool over Miss Toni here in a bikini!" Eddie joked shoving Luke

"I can't help it if I’m beautiful!" Toni gloated fluttering her eyelashes and we laughed.

"Come on guys. I haven’t been swimming in ages so let’s go." I demanded turning the ignition on from the passenger’s seat

"Oi! Get your mitts off of him. He' Frankie's missy" Toni joked. I got up with my hands in the air and laughed because Eddie looked really taken-a-back and Frankie looked like she was a just about to have a hissy fit.

"Ok let's go to the pool but we got to get our stuff first so we'll meet you girls there in an hour ok?" Charlie said

"Ok then." So Eddie dropped Me, Frankie and Toni off at our houses and drove off with all the guys for a group gang bang (Joking). I got in and found the house surprisingly empty. No music was playing. No TV or Radio was on and there were no voices at all. I suddenly felt a shiver go down my spine. My house is never this empty! I went up to my room, changed into my bikini and shoved some clothes on top to save time when we got there, packed my bag and grabbed my car keys as I was obviously not going to get a lift from anyone here!

Drove to the pool and saw everyone waiting on the steps chatting as I pulled up.

"Hey guys" I said in a silly voice as I slithered up to them

"You took you're time!" Eddie said

"Well there was no one in-" I started to say

"There was no one in?" Frankie said astonished

"There is never anyone in!" Charlie added

"Is there something wrong?" Frankie asked

"No...Well I don't think so. Anyways, I drove myself here and there was a roadwork. That's why I took so long ok?"

"Alright!" Eddie said clapping his hands together "Let's go in." We all got up and went into the changing rooms. And then made our way to the outside pool as it was a nice, hot, sunny day. We all got in the pool and mucked about for a while then Eddie started to do laps and so the other guys joined in. Funnily enough Toni (Being the outgoing person she is) tried to foolishly keep up with them but she gave up in the end and came and sunbathed with me and Frankie.

"So...anything new with either of you two?" Toni asked as she was smothering sun lotion on her tummy.

"Nope. Nada and Zip!" Frankie muffled.

"Ok then Frankie doodles!" Toni laughed and took a sip of her bottled water "How’s about you ror? Anything Auntie Toni should know about?"

"Auntie Toni?" I laughed "Well there is...but it is nothing that will be important to you two"

"Oh well. Tell us anyway." Frankie added turning toward me as I was in the middle

"Well this morning my dad and Adam got into an argument because dad said he wanted to make up for lost time by getting me anything I wanted-"

"Anything?" Toni asked

"Yes anything. Well once I had told them both off for sniping at each other I went downstairs for breakfast and found my mum fanning Joanna who was plumped up on the sofa because she had just fainted-"

"Is she ok? Is the baby ok?!?" Frankie asked alarmed

"Well mum booked an appointment for Joanna to see the doctor next week and I am going too." I realised I had a massive grin on my face and calmed my cheeks down. "But me, Joanna and my mum are the only ones who know about the appointment so we have to keep it a secret ok?" I whispered

"Why a secret?" Frankie asked showing her blondeness again.

"Because we don't want to alarm anybody about the baby!"

"Oh ok" Frankie nodded. Suddenly we got a great big wave of water over us. All three of us screeched our heads off and got up shaking and seeing the boys jump back into the pool. Suddenly Frankie. Who was honestly the best swimmer out of us girls and is nearly as fast as Eddie jumped in the pool and raced after the boys, she caught up with them and pinched all of them and then went to swim back to us but Eddie caught hold of her, turned her around and kissed her and even though me and Toni were the other side of the pool we could see Frankie flush bright red.

We packed up our stuff and got changed then met out in the car park.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow" I shouted out the window at them in their cars as I pulled out. I got home and thankfully my mum, Joanna, Stacey and Michael were home but dad and Adam were still at the pub.

"Where did you go after school?" Joanna asked

"Swimming I shouted back as I headed upstairs.  I did all of my homework as I was in a good mood, watched 101 Dalmatians as it was on and then went to bed.

The End

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