Chapter 3Mature

Chapter 3

That night was the last night I was going to wonder about what my dad was really like because they were arriving after school tomorrow! After 2 hours of tossing and turning I finally fell asleep and had a weird dream! There was what I imagined my dad and his family to be like but we were in Tenerife and I was introducing Charlie as my boyfriend!!!

I woke up to write that dream into my dream-pad but I was scared by the sight of Adam sitting on the end of my bed watching me!

“What the hell are you doing?” I hissed at him

“Just looking” Adam replied in a really soft voice

“looking at what?” I snapped




“How long have you been watching me for?”

“Well every night I wait till your asleep and then I come into your room and sit on your bed to see that you’re ok!” Adam replied looking down at my reddish/pink carpet.

Awww! How sweet is that? Well I think it was the sweetest thing Adam has ever said to me even though its a little creepy!

“How long have you been coming in here for?” I asked sitting up

“Ever since you’re 13th Birthday!” Adam said solemnly like he was ashamed of it.

“Why?” I asked. I was still extremely confuzzled

“Ever since you turned 13 I’ve been worried about you because you have been writing in this a lot (He pulled out my dream pad from under my pillow) and I was just wondering if you were all right!”

“Why didn’t you just ask me in the day?”

“Because you were always busy talking about dad, doing your homework or staying in your room writing in this! (He looked at the dream-pad again). Adam and I talked about what we thought dad and his family would be like and then he finally went back to his room and I went to sleep.


“Wake up, wake up!” Adam was shouting as well as nudging me.

“Dad’s going to be here in an hour!” He went and picked up the clothes I had laid out to meet him in and went out. I immediately got up.

“Come on kids, get dressed so we can at least go and get him from the airport” Mum said stepping through my doorway munching on a bowl of Coco pops. We both got ready and we all left for the airport. We spent at least 10 minutes in silence before me and Adam started telling each other our thoughts on what dad and his new family would be like.

We arrived, went in and surprisingly me and Adam fought over who was going to hold up the sign saying ‘Mills’

We waited for about 10 minutes then a great rush of people came out the arrival’s gate.

“Jackie!” We heard from the crowd, and then we heard mum respond with

“Mike!” It was so weird; you know seeing them together playing nice!

Following ‘Mike’ was a lady who was Pregnant! And behind her were a boy and a girl who looked about my age.

“Jackie, how nice to see you!” The lady said leaning over and kissing my mum on the cheek each side (As she did disgustingly to both me and Adam)

“Oh how can I be so rude?!” He laughed “I haven’t introduced anyone!”

“Well this, as you already know (He was looking at mum) is my ex-wife Jackie and these two lovely dears (he was looking at me and Adam now) are my daughter Rory and my son Adam”

“And this is (He was holding the lady’s hand now) is my fiancée Joanna and her son Michael, her daughter Stacey and this (he placed his hand on Joanna’s enormous stomach) is our new little one” he said with an enormous grin on his face

Me and Adam were just standing there watching all this happy families stuff goes on.

After all the introductions we all headed back to the car and drove home to our house.

Adam took all of their suitcases up to the spare bedrooms while mum and I made coffee and tea.

“Mum….what if he doesn’t like us?”

“Oh hunny, of course he’s going to like you! You are his children!”

“Well he seems to be a lot fonder of Stacey and Michael a lot more than us!”

“Well hunny he lives with them and this is new ground, even if he lived here before, he hasn’t been near any of us for 14 years! So you have to give him a chance to settle, he will come round, you’ll see soon pumpkin!”(That’s what annoys me sometimes about mum is that she calls me darling, hunny and pumpkin all the time!)

That evening we all went down our beach restaurant as a celebration for (apparently) Mike and Joanna’s engagement.

The food was ordered and me and Adam were sent down to the beach to play with Stacey and Michael.

Stacey walked over to the beach bed where she and Michael were already talking (about us I presume as they kept on turning round) but I can’t complain because me and Adam were already saying how snooty they all seemed!

Our food arrived and we all sat in silence except Dad and mum surprisingly! They were both going on about all of their old stories which I enjoyed listening to as I knew nothing about when they were together!

When we got back to the house it was already 10:30pm and me, Adam, Stacey and Michael had to go to school tomorrow (dad had got them a month enrolment pass)

Joanna said goodnight to Stacey and Michael before coming into mine and Adams room and saying goodnight and then saying it was really nice to meet us both. I had been glad to know who they all where! But to see them playing happy families with My Dad was kind of upsetting.

“What do you think of them lot then?” I whispered to Adam. He just lay there silent, I poked him with my toe and he turned over.


“What do you think of dad’s other family?”

“What am I supposed to think of them Ror? I still can’t get over the fact of our dad being here!”

“Yeah I know me neither!” I said briefly as we both turned over and went to sleep.

The End

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