Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2



The rest of that week went really fast! With school, homework, mum being a total disaster, Adam actually talking to me (which worried me a bit), getting all my ideas of what dad and his family would look like (did they have kids, if so how many and were they boys or girls) and then the weekend finally came.

It was a couple of nights before they arrive and I couldn’t sleep at all!

My mind was buzzing along with the washing machine downstairs as my thoughts were running around like wildfire.

I went downstairs to get a glass of water, went to the fridge, put the water bottle on the side, got a glass out and poured the freezing cold water into the glass (Unfortunately at that time I needed the toilet already and this wasn’t helping) I rushed to the toilet and ‘aghhhhh’ Adam was just standing there taking a pee right in front of me ‘aghhhhh’

“Go away!” He shouted at me slamming the door in my face. I waited until Adam came out.

“Do you have to leave the door open AND unlocked?!” I hissed at him as he came out.

I went in and as usual the seat was up and there was pee all over the toilet ‘err’ that really gets on my nerves!

Fortunately I went to sleep after that horrific event.

The next morning I woke up and I remembered the dream I had about this guy I fancy in my class called Charlie, I don’t fancy him for his looks even though he isn’t ugly, I like him because he is really sweet and nice all the time and I try my hardest every lesson to sit as near as I can to him and at break it is always me, Frankie, Luke, Charlie, Leo, Sami and Katie sometimes and we all just hang out by the side of the football pitch together.

Well, as I was saying about my dream is that I had a dream that I and Charlie were just standing outside the girl’s locker room waiting for Frankie to change her books and we just kissed!!

It was really weird, well not really weird but it was a strange feeling because I had never kissed anyone before! 

I immediately wrote this dream down on my notepad which I kept under my pillow to write dreams which I want to remember in.

I got ready for school and walked downstairs for breakfast with a great beaming smile on my face.

“What’s up with you?” Adam asked from the breakfast bar.

“None of your business but I you really want to know I just had a really nice dream” I smirked at him whilst getting a bowl of Golden Nuggets.

“Ooh was it about Charlie by any chance? He smirked back

How the hell does he know?

“What?” I blurted out (I could feel my cheeks going red)

“Well I was just sitting in your room last night and you star-“

“You were in my room while I was asleep!!!!!!!” I shouted in his face

“Well yes but that’s another story!”   “Well you started saying things like ‘Whatever that was it was great!” and “Do it again” and…” He said as a great big smile crept onto his face.

“Oh, I’m so embarrassed!”

“Well I would be!” He laughed as he got up and started towards the door.

“You’re not going to tell anyone are you?” I questioned worryingly

“Nah Ror, I’m not that cruel!” He said with a kind of smile in the corner of his mouth like he was trying to hide it.

I ran over to him and gave him a great big bear hug

“Ok ok enough already” He said as he shrugged me off and left for school.

Thinking of school, what was the time anyways? I looked at the clock, Jesus; I only had 15 minutes before school started so I left.

Frankie was still sitting on our morning bench reading when I arrived still with the great big grin on my face.

“What’s up with you smiley?” She smiled at me as I sat down

“I had a brilliant dream about” I leaned in so only Frankie could hear me “Charlie! And it was really detailed this time (I said detailed because I had had dreams like this before but they were blurry and ended quickly but the one last night was really clear and went on for ages!)

“Ooh details please Hehe” Frankie giggled

“Well we were outside the girl’s locker room, you were changing your books, I and Charlie were outside talking and we just kissed! I don’t know what brought it on but it happened and I loved it so much!”

“Oh so is someone not afraid of their first kiss anymore?”

“I am still as scared as I was of something going wrong but I am looking forward to it more now I know what it’s like!”

“Ah right ok” Toni butted in (She had obviously been listening to our conversation!)

All the rest of the day Toni and Frankie were asking me about details of the dream but I didn’t tell them anymore!

When I got back Adam was watching Summerland already!
”How longs it been on?” I asked jumping over the sofa and sitting in my big comfy chair.

“Only about 10 minutes! Your ok, you haven’t missed anything!” He replied without moving his eyes from the T.V.

“What the hell are you barking on about?” We heard mum yell from the hallway. Adam turned up the T.V as usual as since Simon left, mum and him have been having very loud arguments down the phone!

I went upstairs to do my history homework but I just couldn’t drag my mind away my visions of dad and his new family to The Holocaust. I couldn’t stop thinking if either me or Adam looked like him, how many kids Joanna (Dad’s Fiancé) had, how old they were, did they call my dad ‘dad’ and how long had my dad even known all these lot? Finally I dragged my mind to answer the three questions we had to do for homework and I answered pretty well for a mind being currently pre-occupied!”

The End

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