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An Unusually Happy Ending

Chapter 1

I couldn’t believe it! He was finally coming to visit! After all these years I’m finally going to meet him! I sat there staring at the piece of paper in my lap not believing my eyes and wondering what my life would have been like if they had been there.

You’re probably wondering what the hell is going on…am I right?

Well to start you off my name is Rory Mills; I’m a the way. When I was born my mum wanted a name that would suit a boy or a girl. I’m 17 years and 8 months old, I live in California, I have bouncy curly brownish blonde hair but I so wish that I had blonde and red hair but my mum won't let me! I have green/hazel eyes, I’m about average height for my age, I go to a school called Oakwood, a couple of roads away from my very, very small house that ‘apparently’ my dad is paying for but I know different as I saw Simon(My mum’s boyfriend) paying the bills.

My mum (Jackie), my best friend (Frankie) and last and certainly least is my older brother Adam.

What I was going on about a minute ago was my biological dad who I don’t remember except for a couple of pictures that mum had kept of when they were together but other than that I don't have anything of him at all. Well after 17 years and 8 months my biological dad sent mum, me and Adam a letter inviting all of us to his WEDDING!!!!!

The night the letter arrived mum and Simon sat us down on the sofa for what looked like a serious talk.

“I’ve been thinking about this letter all day and I have decided that I am going to allow you two the choice to go to your dad’s wedding!”

Me and Adam where just sitting there gob smacked!

“Now I want you two to know that neither I nor Simon will be coming with you to the wedding. And Adam," She turned to look straight at Adam "You’re old enough now to accompany Rory here" She looked at me and then straight back at Adam "on the plane-"

“But mum Rory’s a rug rat!”

“Now you two are going to behave on this trip if you decide to go."

She turned to Simon and she must have told him to go and make some tea or something because he immediately got up and left the room

“Now I want you two to know that Simon is really upset about this letter and I want both of you to try and help him”

Suddenly Simon practically knocked the door down shouting

“Look after Me! Look after Me!”

Please calm down!” Mum hissed at Simon

“Why should I calm down? I was the one that was comforting you this morning. Not the other way around!"

“I think you should leave now, you’re scaring Adam and Rory!” She shouted as she stood up

“No! This is my house so I can stay!” He was shouting drunkenly

“My mum said leave! So you're going to leave NOW!” Adam bellowed. As Adam was nearly 19 now he towered nearly everyone including Simon who was now slowly backing away to the door and as soon as he got to the door he ran!

I, mum and Adam sat on the sofa watching Eastenders then went to bed.

I couldn't sleep that well that night and kept tossing and turning. Then at 4:00AM!! I woke up and heard sobbing coming from across the hallway, so I snuck out of bed and quietly peaked my head round the door. I tried sneaking into mum’s room unnoticed but she saw me.

“Come and sit on the bed with me Ror” She sobbed patting the bed. I slid over and cuddled her.

“What’s going on?” Adam asked standing at the door

“Mum’s upset about Simon!” I replied

“I am not!” Mum lied. I raised my eyebrow at her and she started crying again.

“Oh, I’m sorry” I apologized

“It’s okay. You're right, I am upset. You two go back to bed, and I’ll be all right!”

"Sure?" Adam asked softly

"Thank you, I'm fine. Now you two get some sleep for tomorrow. We don't want Rory falling asleep in History again." Mum lightly chuckled

Me and Adam walked out the room, and gave each other a look that immediately we both knew it meant we were going to look after each other a bit better for now.

The next morning I got up, looked in Adam’s room and he was already downstairs then I looked in mum’s room but she was still asleep. I went round to her side kissed her forehead and got ready for school.

Frankie was already sitting on our morning bench when I got there, she was reading, I went over.

I decided to just come out with it instead of beating around the bush.

“I got a letter from my dad!” I blurted out

“What, when, what did it say?”

“It arrived yesterday, and it was an invitation to his WEDDING!!!”

“Oh my god, are you going?”

“I haven’t decided yet and neither has Adam!”

“How did your mum take it?”

“She had a big argument with Simon!”

“Jeez, what about?”

“Mum thought that he was upset, which he was, but he got all moody shouted at my mum but when Adam shouted at him to get out he ran!”

“Well I wouldn’t want to run into Adam in a dark alley either!”

“Well now all mum is doing is watching ‘Pretty Woman’ all day and my DAD is coming to visit in a couple of days with his new family!”

“Eek I wonder what that’s going to be like…you know seeing his family without you!”

“His family, what about him I have never seen or met my dad my entire life!” I kind of shouted which I didn’t mean to.

The bell to go to registration went and me and Frankie walked all the way up to the C floor and met Toni (our mothers knew each other when we both were born so we both have names that would suit a boy or a girl) on our table listening to her IPod.

“Hiya” I said taking her earplug out

“Oh, hiya, what’s up?” she obviously said because my face was red from crying when I talked to Frankie

“Ror got a letter from her dad!” Frankie said before letting me have a word in.

“Oh my god!” (Here we go again)

“He was inviting me, Adam and mum to his wedding”

“His Wedding!” She blurted out

“Who’s wedding?” I heard my form tutor say. I just got up and ran out.

I ran straight to the girls toilets were no one usually went. I just sat there crying, I didn’t even know what I was crying about because I really wanted to meet my dad, I had liked Simon by this time even though I absolutely hated him at the start when mum bought him home to meet us. So I don’t know what I was crying about!

I had sat in there for about 20 minutes when I heard Frankie’s voice

“Ror…are you in here?” She called out

“Yeah” I muffled. She must have heard me because she walked over and opened the door

“What are you doing in here?”

“I’m crying okay!”

“Is it the dad thing or the Simon thing?”

“Both! .... I think”

“Do you want to go home?”

“No, my mum will be there!”

“Ok, well we kind of have to go class!” We didn’t speak of my dad or Simon for the rest of the day.

The End

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