I picked the lock with one of the pins from my hair as soon as the sun went down, slipping out of the cell block and past a snoring Guard. I left the jail and went out into the main part of the building. I strode down hallway after hallway, heading for the front of the massive building. Trying to look like I had something important I was going to so no one would stop me. I was successful until I ran into him. Captain Jonathan. We stared at each other for a moment. He was as surprised as me. I didn't think anyone who knew who I was would be here at this late hour. But here he was. And he was yelling for the Guards. I took off running. I saw a window and headed for it. A looked over my shoulder for the briefest of seconds and saw Jonathan yelling at the Guards who were running after me. I threw myself at the window shoulder first, bursting through in a shower of glass. I sheltered my hands from the glass shards as best I could as I landed outside.

"Follow her!" I heard Jonathan scream. As I ran through the square, I could hear the Guards' boots pounding behind me. I took all the alleys and back ways through the city, and I eventually lost them by slipping in the front door and out the back of someone's house. The Guards searched the place despite it's resident's screams that I had gone out the back way. I went through one more house, just to make sure that they were off my tail. As soon as I was sure I had lost them, I headed for the caves outside of town. I could survive there, and they wouldn't think a girl would hide there. I just hoped no one else had the same idea recently.

The End

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