Something I randomly started writing... and then I kept writing...

They burst into our house during breakfast. I kept my eyes on my oatmeal, even though I knew what was happening. They were here to see if anyone in the house was a 'suitable volunteer'. They would take me. I was strong and young. My thoughts were interrupted when a Guard hauled me to my feet.

"How about this one, Captain?" He asked. The Captain's eyes looked me up and down, like I was a piece of meat. "She'll do." He turned to the men who had followed him into our house. "Take her." They marched over to me and grabbed my arms, dragging me along behind them.

"No!" My mother screamed. "Don't take my baby! Not her, please!" My father held her back. He held her close and whispered into her ear. The last I saw of my parents was my mother surrendering to my father's embrace. Turning her face into his chest. Giving up on me. I knew what was happening. I wasn't as naive as some of the girls they took. The ones who sobbed and screamed. They just killed those. The rare ones that were like me, we never saw again. Either they were calm enough to escape, as the rumors had it, or they died a different way because they wouldn't cower for The Council. I knew that the reports that The Guard gave us weren't true. The defiant girls wouldn't have been 'persuaded' that working for the council was a better way. Better than dying. I knew. Because I was one. And I would never work for them. I would die first.

The End

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