An Unreal Hell

This is Hell

The finer details are lost. Like sand through a sieve. The past is vague. Like a dream you had a long time ago. Nothing seems real any more without the finer details.

An unreal world. And you shall remain in it. Floating around trying to find a way back into the reality. A ghost. Cursed to remain in a state of uncertainty. No one to guide you out of it.

You hear music. You see a light. You hear voices. You walk towards them, hoping for answers and directions. But you never seem to reach them. An eternity.

Only for you to discover that its all a creation of your mind. And you realize that you can never reach what has been defined to be something that eludes you. Redefine it and you have lost its true meaning.

An unreal world populated by your imagination. Its scary because you know that you are not a pleasant person to be with. An eternity with yourself is hell.

The End

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