An unpleasant surprise

a couple always need to move forward or it's time to end, is it time to end for this young couple?

I walked down the road to where I could see a loansome figure waiting patienty, I waved he waved back, his wave looking more like a jerk, but I shrugged it off, he had to know this, I couldn't go on any longer like this.

"Hey!" I called, a typical, safe start "hi" he murmured back. Oh dear, was what I wanted to talk of that obvious? We kissed, he slowly moving his hand down my back to pull at my hand and gently take it, I squeezed his, hoping he would see that is meant kindly. "where so you want to go?" I asked, hopefully, in what sounded like an offhanded voice, "Don't mind" he murmured. He was acting really strangely, he must know what it was I was going to say.

I took a deep breath "umm, before we go I have something that I need to say" he looked at me in surprise, I breathed a bit easier, so he hadn't already guessed, it was something else that was bothering him, must be. "Shoot" he said, confering the same surprised look on his face into the tone of his voice, "from the moment that we met I had been alone for too long and when I met you I was introduced to a whole new world and now..." I took a deep breath, this is it, the moment that I had been dreading but anticipating, almost eagerly, for just too many weeks! "we are at a stage where I've realised that there is somewhere I else that I want..." he put his hand up, a slight smile of understanding on his lips. I smiled too, was it possible, did he really think...

"I've been feeling that way too, we should just face it, we were never meant to be!" SLAP, I was left bruised "wh..what do you mean?" I said desperately trying to understand what he could possibly mean "haha, it's just like you to try to pretend that it you didn't think that way too, I've got to be honest, I was hoping that you would feel the same, then I wouldn't have to be the one to break the news, I hate being the one who ends things!" I stared at him, unable to talk. " He smiled bent down and picked up his bag, "well it's been fun!" he said, hugging me, his cologne surrounding me.

He turned around and walked off "see ya around, maybe" he called over his shoulder. I just stood there, my mouth more open than the hole that had just been drilled in my heart. "I only wanted to say that I wanted you to meet my parents, because...I love you" I whispered after him, my voice flowing on the wind like a boat on the sea.

The End

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