An Unnatural Thing.

A short descriptive story. The subject matter doesnt really have any significance.


The lonley hum of the computer begins to annoy me. The dim light of the screen, so unnatural. An unnatural thing, it is. Rain flows from the sky. Heavy, waterfalls from the sky. A sudden urge flows through me, to be outside in the rain. Lazily pushing the heavy chair from under me I walk dazed to the ranchslider. Slide the door open, a wave cold breeze instantly crashes on my face. I close my eyes, embracing natures touch. I step outside and I can already feel small droplets of rain blown onto me by the wind. I walk out five more steps on the wooden deck. Eyes still closed. The rain drumming heavily on my face. Refreshing cold droplets numbing my face. I can taste the electric cold on my tounge as I open my mouth. Rain continues to beat down on me. Soaking me. Saturated. Water runs off me like streams. Socks heavy. Overflowing. I stay there, untill the rain stops. Or atleast till I hear it stop. My body is numb with cold. Refreshing, natural cold. I open my eyes, temporarily blinded. I walk back inside, into the warm, dry house. I stare at the big mirror above the fire place. I see my reflection: my dark long hair matted and spilling rivers across the living room. My clothes drenched and sagging. My face pale. Lips blue. I can even see my green eyes this far away. An unnatural thing, I am. Among these warm, dry objects. I laugh, beggining in the belly, rising to my throat. I laugh, and shiver at the same time. An unnatural thing I am.


- Katie

The End

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