Plan for Revenge: Stage Three

Shortly enough, Nine's group was assambled consiting of FireBlossom, High Priestess, OneShot and TwoShot Steath Rouge Assassions, FireVortex Paldain of the SilverHand and her big brother LightingShot. NineShot looked around instantly waiting for the battle horns to sound, followed by the rolling thunder of the war drums. Advently it came, loud and clean sounds of the trumpits were sounded and were shortly join by the echoing of the thunderous war drums.

"Hoods up, weapons out. Praise be the lord all mighty we surive this" NineShot said with slight unseasment in her voice. She looked down at Nick, her furture husband and father of her three children, Rune, Elijah and RoseLine.

"Nine...please do not get hurt. Please" Nick begged her, placing his hand on hers, gazing into her bright blue eyes. "Please"

"Sweet prince, I shall return to you unharm without a single mark upon ones body, that I promise with my heart, soul and mind. If I break said promise, let the lord strike me down where I stand" Nine replied to his pleeding.

Nick smiled, pushed her into a kiss as their lips locked together she could feel the passsion, devotion and love that one person had for her. He was her one, the one who she had been waiting for to resuce her from the endless pit of lonelyness and sadness which once enclosed her life. Nick slowly pulled away, he pushed her hair behind her ears, gave her a warm, understanding smile.

"Blossom!" A voice shouted, from far behind the crowd

FireBlossom, looked around and there pushing though the crowds of people was Tony. He slowly reached for her hands, until he got her hand, pulled her towards him, with arms wrapped tightly around her. He closed his eyes, small tears followed down his face, she smiled and wiped them.

"Tony, you shall not cry, you will be strong and have faith" Blossom told him, with a slight smile on her face, she lent up to him and pressed her lips against his slowly and passion filled. He slowly pressed his against hers, slowly wrapped his arms more tightly around her, holding her close.

"Dearest, beauitful brightening Blossom, promise me you will return to me at the end of this unharmed, just as prefect as you always are. Please promise this?" Tony pleaded to her, on knees looking up at her sparkling blue cystal eyes.

"I promise Tony, I promise will all my heart, soul and mind. I'll come back to you unharmed in anyway shape or form" Blossom replied.

LightingShot stood front of the group, his armour soild silver with all his previous war medals hanging off from it. His sword at his thigh shone in my day sun and as he looked around for his belove one Ashely there was no sign. But he did have his daughter and son with him Haniel and Jophiel. He had named them after angels because his beloved was one, she must of been sent down from heaven to him. Then he heard her faint voice.

"Lighting!" It cried

He jumped out of his horse, raced over to her, pulled her out of crowd. Held her closer than normal, small tears ran down his face. She looked up at him, brushed his helmet of his head, let it bonced on the floor. His eyes stared down at her, she smiled warmly at him.

"Lighting, my sweet handsome Lighting, do not cry" Ashely calmed him, stroking his face carefully and sweetly.

"You're so beauitful.  Everything which you do, makes my heart sing out loud of your praises"  Lighting replied, Haniel stood one side of her dad, with Jophiel at the other side of their dad. Lighting looked down at them, smiled brightly.

"Where dada going?" Haniel asked with an inoccent smile

LightingShot pick her up, kissed her forehead and smiled. "Daddy is going to save the world from bad guys" He replied calmly

Haniel and Jophiel looked up at him, eyes wide in shock. Lighting just smiled placed them in their mothers arm, kissed his children's foreheads then he kissed his wife lips passionly like it was going to be his last.

The End

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