Plan for Revenge: Stage Two

It continued debates, agreements and frustration building. Suddenly HolyRune arose from his high seat, slammed his mighty war hammer down, lighting glowed around it, thunder roared outside. Room went deathly quiet, as people sat back down on their chairs, HolyRune walked down to the centre. Placed his hands on the table firmly.

"I know my friends; I know you’re scared, your faces show you’re scared" HolyRune spoke out to them all, his voice calm and gentle.

"Scared? Annoyed mostly, we lost another battle today as we ran away from the field their laughs were heard, mocking us father" LightSeal Senior spoke out, while sitting slummed in his chair with knuckles touching his head.

"Dear son, I know you and Lark have tried your hardest removing our foe but this needs more than the SilverHand to regain what is rightfully ours does it not?" HolyRune turned and asked his eldest son LightSeal

LightSeal turned, sighed sadly at the whole thing. Then entered, two other figures sat with him, his brothers DarkBlade and NightBlade. DarkBlade is the youngest out of them, black hair, silver eyes and smaller then the other two. His armour is more in rule to the assassins of rune. Black leather armour known as a BloodFang, bright blood red cape hanging from his back.

"I say let me take Two, One and Nine, and we shall get rid of the major war leaders of each of their sections of their army, then blow up their barracks and strongholds" DarkBlade spoke out with keen sense of arrogance in his voice.

"No, you will not take my daughters. Take Deadly, Blade their far more expirenced" LightSeal Senoir agrued against his brother, voice loud and sharp with eyes narrowing, hands trembling.

HolyRune was getting frustated, so once again his mighty war hammer came slamming down on the marble floor, shattering the tiles beneeth it, silence fell in the hall. Everyone sat down again, everyone arms crossed, legs crossed. Eyes looking at HolyRune obyenting and urgentences.

"Now hear me, I shall we do as Nine commands she has seen this enemey, knows them far better than we. So I shall contact Mars and Venus about the urgenty, DarkBlade, LightSeal and NightBlade will go with their kids, same for Lark and the other elders with children. Lock the children or small infants with their mothers in their house once this starts it will be only thing keeping them safe. But remember you are the hope, the light, the courage, the voice. You are the chosens one, sent from the light to pured this enemy until it is gone." Holy Rune stated bodly, his voice echoed this worlds, as he rose from his chair and walked out of the room.

As HolyRune left the room, FireBlaze and FireVortex raised the swords in the air, as soon as they did other followed pursuit. Each one secertly vowing to strike revenge swift and true on their hated enemy. NineShot, followed by her two sisters went deeper down in the assassions chambers and prepared for a battle which shape their furture. Two looked at One, One look back at Two as they both loaded their guns, tighting their armour, sharpening their blades and finally placing their masks on to cover up their id.

"Ready Two?" OneShot asked, with a slight twinkle in her eye

"I say let him bring down heaven! I shall not move for my birth place" TwoShot replied with her eyes narrowed, hands turning into fist.

"Aye aye, I understand your anger and passion well" OneShot replied, turn to her sister nine, looked at her armour.

"I too shall, strike swiftly, just and true though my enemies without any second thought" NineShot replied to her sisters sayings.

OneShot and Two stood beside Nine, as they followed her outside and mounted on their steeds waiting for the others. Were shortly joined by Orcale and LightGem, Warrior and Sharmon, upon two black stalions and hooded.

"Nine, you and yours sisters should place your hoods up" Orcale stated

"I shall, once my group is ready" Nine quickly replied

The End

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