A Plan For Revenge: Stage One

Surely enough with all people who were summoned around the stone table, entered the two leaders. HolyRune, Master and Rightful King of this land and his brother Lord ShadowRune. Masters and Leaders of The Assasions of Rune, Knights of the SilverHand. The Assasions of Rune consitied of DeadlyShade, BladeRunner, TwoShot, OneShot, NineShot, Orcale, LightGem. The SilverHand consitied of FireBlaze, FireVortex, SnowDrop, SkyLark, StarBlaze and many others. Working alongside these two main groups were slightly smaller ones, known as Priestess of Elune and Soceity of Fire.

"Know that everyone is a counted for, we can know begin this meeting of the powers, you know why we are here. The recent destustion of our temples, libaries, banks and armourys call for revenge. Now is this time!" HolyRune voice echoed this words.

Whole room went silent, then loud roar echoed afterwards, everyone nodding and raising their weapons for victory in combat. Blaze rose first, slammed his hammer down and as he did a thunderous echo was heard as the ground shock.

"I say we slaughter, every single one of them for their crimes. Enough of hiding, now is the time for retrubation or revenge!" Blaze's voice roared

"Not without a plan, we can't rush into war without one, so sit down and listen to what I have to say" NineShot replied to his roar.

NineShot got up, her armour white with little silver blades hanging from her sides, her hood down and her long dark red hair hanging freely from her head. She brought out two maps, pointed out two locations on the map.

"Take our underground tunnels, apply four tons of explosives underneeth their castles, guards towers and holds etc. To injure and confuess them" Nine started to explain, pointing to the routes and tunnels as she went along.

"But if they know about the tunnels? Then what Master Assasion?" Vortex spoke out next, having a slight unsuraity in his voice.

"Take these in your thoughts, those tunnels haven't been known by our enemey since the days of our fore fathers, so the chance of them finding them are very low indeed my friend" Nine replied to Vortex questions, calmly

TwoShot stood up next, as she walked over to her elder sister. Her armour was slightly different, more black and more colour beside from white and she didnt have a hood but a hood and mask combation to hide her true face while on call outs from work.

"I say its going to take someone with alot of work and expirence dealing with explosives to make some that powerful and frighting to scare the lot on top" Two stated with arms crossed

"I agree with my sisters, we are only assasions trainned in posions, subtley and assasion. Its going to take someone outside the two major groups to do this, what about the MOC?" OneShot agreed with her sister, spoke out also with arms crossed.

The End

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