Blood,War and Thunder

As SkyLark, FireVortex and SnowDrop entered the building, the noise of what only could be described as agreements getting louder though the hallow white walls of the meeting hall. FireVortex walked in saw Oracle, LightGem, daughters of NightBlade, NineShot, TwoShot and OneShot with their little brother ThreeShot, children of LightSeal Senior. And finally his sisters, with Sir Evan, Sir Anthony.

"Vortex?" FireBlossom and FireLilly both said together with slight panic in their voices.

FireVortex just nodded quietly, sat back down at his chair in the room. SnowDrop, youngest boy of Sir Lark, sat beside him and finally eldest child of Sir Lark, FireBlaze walked into the room. His armour bright gold, cloak in royal and noble red attached to his back, making him look very much like a highly respected leader to say the least.

"Blaze? Vortex?" FireLilly asked, with Evan upon her lap and cuddled into her.

"Yes it us" Blaze and Vortex both answered, FireBlaze looked at Evan cuddled up in his sister lap with tiny bit of disgust.

FireLilly just smiled, messing with Evan long brown hair. Both of them we're madly in love with each other, she was the strongest one in the relationship so he very much dependant on her to say the least.

"I love you FireLilly" Evan whispered into her ear

FireLilly smiled, replied back "I love you too Evan" pulling him closer to her chest.

The room went silent, as the thunderous echoes of someone foot steps approached the hall, everyone had their hands on their weapons as they looked at each other with nervous eyes and shaking hands.

"Is it granddad?" A person asked, she had dark purple hair with dark purple eyes

"Could be" Another one person replied, this person had dark blue eyes and dark blue hair.

The two people were, TwoShot and OneShot, youngest daughters of LightSeal Senior. TwoShot was the youngest out of them both. She was shy, quiet, humble, loyal, and Very pretty or so she was told by ten of thousands of young males’ everyday. She like her sister Nine, OneShot was also an Assassins of ShadowRune's Assassins of Rune.

"Wouldn't suprize me, he should be bringing ShadowRune with him" FireBlaze spoke out bodly.

"You're probely right Blaze but everyone lower your weapons" OneShot spoke calmly and reasurring



The End

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