Armies Gather: The Tide of War Turning

SkyLark walked back into the hallow city, covered in blood and body scatched up. Whole place was deathly silent, then the bells of the church were sounded and then suddently the roar of the crowd was heard. SkyLark ran up to the arena, looked into the centre there was his second son in gladitoral gear.

"Vortex!" Crowd cheered him on

SkyLark stood there, arms crossed and glaring into the centre out from the piles of bodies peaked out a hand holding a hammer and shield. Surely after FireVortex pulled himself out, battered, bloodly but alive and with such a huge grin on his face.

"Yeah! Who's the man? Who is it?!" FireVortex shouted back at the crowd

"Vortex, Vortex, Vortex" Crowd cheered on at his victory

FireVortex, walked back into his chambers to get cleaned up and meet up with his father. SkyLark shock his head in disbelief at him, then they both laughed. FireVortex knelt at his father in honour and pride. SkyLark placed his hand on his shoulder, told him to raise.

"Father, you are hurt are you not?" FireVortex asked, placing his own Paldain armour back on

"Aye a scatch, it takes much more than NightHawk foul play to bring me down" SkyLark replied with slight grin on his face.

FireVortex took his two weapons, his sword and shield which both bore the their family crest on. FireVortex unlike his brother Blaze, was apart of SilverHand but also apart another section of the army known as the Agent Dawn working in holy lands of Eastern and Western Plaguelands.

"Hard day at work son?" SkyLark asked, tieing his shoes for him

"Aye it has been, yet we still have to go to another meeting about this situation" FireVortex replied most displeased.

"Aye, I know son, but it is for the best" SkyLark just replied with slight smile across his face.

FireVortex, got up looked at his father then they both walked together. Vortex also like Blaze, looked mostly like their dad. Another voice was heard, smaller and babyish.

"Brother, Father over here!" A small child cried out

SkyLark looked at Vortex, they both nodded and ran over to the child, there in Judgement Set gear, with tiny hammer in his hand stood the youngest son of SkyLark. SnowDrop the Just. FireVortex the Brave, FireBlaze the Mighty etc.

The End

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