Fire is Raging

Oracle looked down at him and lifted him onto his feet. Her tiny hands pressed firmly onto his chest, she felt his strong and passionate heartbeat. As came on faster and faster. Ben placed his hands around her, held her close.

"Where have you been all my life?" Oracle asked him

"I've always been here, it just took bit of looking" He replied

"Then stay with me" Oracle replied happily

"I was going to ask the same thing" He said kissing her hand again

Oracle blushed, lent into his strong arms. She and Nine weren't your original girls, NineShot served as an assassin, working with her sisters in her uncle’s underground city and origination Assassins of Rune. Oracle had the powers to make totems to restore health, mana and life, aswel as the having power to shape shift.

"L-love you" Oracle thought quietly to herself, but some how her thought were heard, and Ben smiled at hearing it.

"No, not as half as much as I love you" Ben smiled as he replied to her thought.

The sounds of war were getting louder, clashing of swords and roar of the cannons became clearer, and then silence. Then it was "Destroy the filth lads, run them out of the cities!" Followed by the roar and cheers of the many soldiers that we were waiting.

"Lark! There's two many retreat to safety!" Voice cried it in the middle of the field

"LightSeal, NightBlade, retreat!" SkyLark cried out

LightSeal and NightBlade, two other mighty paladins of the SilverHand, turned and looked at Lark. His face was full of fear, they both nodded and sound the horn of retreat and lead their men into the cities once again. SkyLark stood on the field bit longer then hearing the voice of his eldest son came back to realaity.

"Blaze, speak calmly and clearly my boy!" SkyLark shouted to the young paldain

"Father, retrun home into safety we are out gun and out numbered" Young Paldain shouted back.

Young Paldain was of course SkyLark eldest son at the of 23 had already passed all the tests of SilverHand had given him to prove his devotion and leadership. FireBlaze, was a noble, headstrong, handsome, couragedriven paldain who didn't take too kindly to memebers of his family being pushed underground due to the threat of being wiped out.

"Blaze my son, you out do your father anyday" SkyLark spoke proudly about his son

"No father, you are the finistest Paldain which was ever born, I'm just honoured to be your son" FireBlaze replied.

The End

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