Love and War: The Creed

As he dismounted from his horse, he took her hand and kissed it. Nine's face light up, as she turns a slight red colour in the checks. He got on knee, in front of her and stared up at her beautiful sparkling blue eyes, her dark ember red hair and her bright smile.

"NineShot, sweet beautiful Nine, will you come away with me?" Nick asked, looking up at her with hands cupped on hers.

"I...I...Will, of course I will" She replied happily.

Nick picked her up, place her on his horse then mounted on behind her. They rode off to his stately home, quick bit away from her house. The sounds of clashing swords grew louder as they travelled, Nick and Nine hands were both on their weapons, despite her being so sweet, beautiful and sanative Nine was also a capable swordswoman’s and assassin.

 "Nine! Cousin Nine!" A voice shouted out from nowhere

 NineShot looked around; finally saw a girl in slightly armourish clothes waving at her she had bright pink hair with silver eyes. Her hair was long, with tiny bat wings above her ears. Nine waved over to the girl, and then suddenly realising it was her cousin Oracle.

 "Cousin Ora?!" Nine shouted over

"Yes it's me cousin nine, I've been to see High Arch Mage and High Priestess today" Oracle shouted in a reply

"Where you heading cousin?" Nine questioned

 "Oh nowhere, I thought I would wait for my one true to come" She replied, hopeless dreaming of that day when she would find someone who loved her as much as all her friends boyfriends and husbands  loved them.

"I have a friend, who might be interested" Nick whispered into Nine's ear slowly

"Oh, which one? I know both of your friends" Nine whispered back

"Ben" Nick continued while kissing her neck

Ohhh" Nine replied while giggling

Oracle looked over at them wondering what they were talking about, until her thought line was disturbed by a clear, charming voice shouting for her cousin and Nick. The young sir, had black hair and dark blue eyes, she fell instantly in love with this young stud.

"Hello there, did you lose your way from heaven?" The young man asked

"H-Hi, m-me? n-no?" Orcale replied back, stutted a bit in her nervous and dreaming state of mind.

"Oh sorry was interuptting you?" The young man asked her again

"N-no, its err" Orcale tried to explain herself, with the curret gunshots getting louder and louder.

"You were what? Because I'm looking at you and thinking it must be a crime to be that beauitful and single" The young man continued to flirt with her

"Please good sir, you do me wrong. I don't even know your name, already you have stolen my heart" Orcale replied to him.

"Of course, how rude of me. I'm Ben, Sir Nick friend" Ben told her, while kissing her hand kneeling down by her feet.

"I-I'm very pleased to meet you sir, my name is Orcale" Orcale replied to him once more.


The End

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