The Creed

Athena jumped into her father's arms happily, clung onto him with all her might. Tony arms held her tight onto his chest, he loved his family that why he had join the SilverHand for it was Blossom's Father Sir Lark who had pointed him out to HolyRune about his amazing leadership and fighting spirt which drove him to join.

"I missed you daddy" Athena said to him, while looking up into his blue eyes

"I missed you too princess, its alright now. Dads' home" He replied softly, stroking her hair with a tendress.

FireBlossom, just smiled at the two. Athena was priestess also at the same temple which Blossom work at. Her robes with cystal blue, with hints of pink and gold in them. Aries youngest son of Sir Athony and Lady Blossom. Was wearing his fire red armour, in his tiny hand the sword which his father had given him he started up at his father, smiled proudly at him.

"Aries my son" Tony replied, as he picked up in his arms.

"Father, I have missed you when you were away. Your my hero" Aries told his dad

"I missed all of you, espically your beauitful mother" Tony replied to his son, while madly staring at his beauitful wife.

Meanwhile, outside the city in a small hidden town named Raven's End laid Shot Children and their father. LightSeal Senoir, first and eldest child spoke out, she was tall, with pale skin and bright blues. Her hair was dark ember red, it was long and decorated with roses of bright red colour which still had tiny evergreen leafs on them.

"Father, is it true? Your a prince?" She asked, nervously

"It's is" He replied shortly and sharply

"Why didn't you tell us this? Does this not mean we're royality too?"  She asked again, voice higher this time

"It does my child, but first your grand father is on the thrown before I or any of you can rule" The father replied.

The Eldest Child, Eldest Daughter of LightSeal Senoir was known as NineShot, or Nine to her friends, family and others. She was fair, sentive but very beauitful some couldn't believe she was Assasion by trade, without being forced into such a dangerous ground.

"Nine?" A voice said, from out of nowwhere

NineShot looked around, saw nothing. She walked over to the window, to her eyes amazment there stood, a blonde haired knight on a white stead. Hey bright blue eyes looked into his deep blue ones, spark grew between them as they stared at each other.

"Nick!" NineShot shouted down to him

"I missed you too sweet angel" He replied to her

She ran down to him, appeared close to white stallion. Nick smiled down at her, although they were both upper class people, they both didn't care about their pressmion or money.

The End

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