Unfriendly Fire: Darkness

As Jason was running her bath, lighting the candles in the bathroom. Deadly sat in their main room, where she played with his younger siblings making them laugh and smile. She adored the laughter of children, Jason finished two minutes later walked back in and wrapped his arms around Deadly neck tendly whispered softly into her ear.

"You're bath awaits you, my queen"

Deadly smiled, kissed him passionly Jason's eyes widen and slowly and surely kissed back the same. Carla and Logan, Jason smaller siblings, hide their eyes playfully as they continued to kiss.

"Thank You, Jay, Jay" Deadly thanked him

"Your Very Welcome, Sweetie" Jason replied

Deadly got up, walked into the bathroom got undressed, slipped her wearing, thin body into the warm and bubbly bath. The smell of roses, violets and honey surrondered the bath room. Jason was in their shared bedroom, preparing her clean clothes and cleaning her blades for her. He placed a small red rose beside them, walked out again. Meanwhile, in the City of the SilverHand SkyLark was talking to his leading figure, his boss as you will. HolyRune, eldest out of the line of Rune and one of last remaning Paldains of the Thrid and Final Crusade.

"So it is settle, my son is in hidding and we must be found" HolyRune spoke finally

"Yes sir, we are at your command!" His soilders replied

"So, Sir Lark, take your soilders and seacrch near bye, Sir LionHeart take yours to the near bye barracks" HolyRune Continued

Both SkyLark and his fellow friend LionHeart, nodded, bowed and saluted the grand figure which was HolyRune. LionHeart raised his sword, shouted the words.

"For the truth, the glory are ours. We are the defends of justice, and protecters of the people for now and forever!"

Huge roar of cheers replied to the shout, all those who are members of SilverHand or Assasions of Rune have both sworn by Creed, that they shall not strike the first blow on their morality enemey. The Dark Crusaders of the BloodVain III. BloodVain line had started from the Medevil crusades, hes acensty lead back to the most harsh, evil and twisted minded Tyrants to ever cease control of the lands of Promise.

"We must end his rein of terror, regain some hope for our people. We are not the ones who are filth, lower than a command slave please! We are men of justice, holy guidenice, peace and wisdom!" HolyRune voice echo these words.

"Hail, Hail the true king of Promise! HolyRune the Mighty!" Crowd roared back

Somewhere deep in this underground society, in a small but beauitful temple. Sat a priestess, not just any priestess but a High One of Rune and Elune. Her name was FireBlossom, or Bloss or Blossom to her friends. She had devoted much to her life to saving those people on surface who were abused and mistreated by the hands of BloodVain men. She heard a powerful voice calling to her though her bedroom door, it sounded familer.

"Blossom? Are you in? I'm home now" It said, the usally thing came into her mind. Please let my husband return, please let this be him.

She walked up to door, twisted the small gold handle unlocking it, peeked her head around. Gazed upon, strong, blonde haired and blue eyed Warrior, it was him. Her husband and father to her three children. Sir Anthony or Sir Tony to her anyway.

"Dearest!" She scream in enjoyment, as she jumped into his arms.

"I've missed you too, my love" Sir Tony replied, wrapping his arms around her

His armed never left her for next five minutes until the voice of his daughter, shouted the words "Daddy's Home!" His face light up, he adored his wife, and his children. Eldest Appollo or Apollo named after the God of the Sun had gone to school early for his exam. His twins, Athena and Aries named after the Goddess of Wisdom and God of War, ages 2 and age 2.

"Princess!" Tony shouted back, cheerfully

The End

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