First Encounter

DeadlyShade, had dropped NightShade off at Strom's house for the day. Jason had his arm around Deadly, he loved her bits. Sound of horses, became clearer and clearer as they strolled though the woods, Deadly kept her eye on Jason and her hand on her blades. Jason looked at her, his eyes never leaving her begin with.

"Deadly?" He asked in calm and sentive mannar

"Yes Jay" Deadly replied

"Your on edge at the moment?" Hes tone soften, as he pulled her into his arms

"A bit, I can hear horses" She repied, arms around him

As they continued to walk though the clearing, tree where bare and ground was soft due to overpour of rain they had from night before. Suddenly, a warning cry was heard, Deadly didn't waste another minute she pulled Jason up a tree which was close by waiting for the sounds of the clavery to become closer.

"I don't care, you will do as your told commander" Voice said from below them

"But sir isn't it better to spilt up, to look for this assasion?" Another voice asked

"You mad?! These cowards can kill you within a second, no you shall do as your told commander end of the matter" Large more powerful voice ordered again

DeadlyShade, prepared her hands blades and dropped down, snuck around the high guard, before ramming her blade though his throat in one swift and strong montion. The guard who could be recongised as one Master Commander NightHawk, he was mostly feared because of his brutality with prisoners of war and everyone who stood in his way. As Deadly removed her blade from his neck, he fell onto his knees and she whispered the words "The day of damm is upon you and your army, be warned, for those who are blind to the darkness fall into its mouth"

"Amazing" Jason thought to himself, his eyes sparkled looking at her

"Jason? Are you staring at me again?" Deadly turn around, and asked him

"How can i not? You are picture of beauity, the picture of divine goddess" He started wooing her.

"Jay, stop it, I'm not that good looking" Deadly replied, she was bright red in the cheeks her smile said it all.

"But you are, I'm not worthly to gaze upon you" Jason conintued, they started to get flirty with each other.

They continued, until Jason lips pressed tightly against hers, Deadly froze up for a bit and wrapped her arms around him and slowly kissed back. Jason giggled and smiled at her, Deadly still dripping with blood of victem smiled back at him.

"Let's go back to my place, to get you cleaned up eh?" Jason joked with her

"Eeer...sure" Deadly replied slowly

Jason took her hand, lead her away to his small apartment on the other side of town, as they walked into apartment block, all Jason work friends and neighours stared in awe at him and Deadly. Jason was pleased, he liked making the other boys and male around jeilous because Deadly was beauitful, so what she wasn't a girly girl. She like watching gladitoral spots like cage fighting and wrestling.

"You stay here, while I'll start to run the bath for you" Jason told her

"Ok, thank you Jay" Deadly replied

Jason went and started to run a bath for her, then he went into their shared room and got some clean clothes out for her. Grinning to himself, he pick out the dress he bought for her last week. Deadly was sat on coach trying to make Jason younger siblings laugh.

The End

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