Beginging of a New Day

As FireLilly walked over to Evan, he smiled gently at her. She had freed him from a punishment worse than death. His evil Master, Slave Master known as Tylar had been beating him, generally treating him worse than a comman slave had badly affected him. That day he remembered well, she was light like angel blasting Tylar guards away, breaking the seemly never ending chains of slavery off his body.

"My princess, love of my life" Evan greeted FireLilly

"Morning to you, my hero" She replied softly back.

"Everyday, you look more beauitful, more stunning, more prefect" He started to complent her.

"Your words, are the only strengh I need" She replied to him

Meanwhile in the other underworld city, for the those who are apart of The Assasions of Rune. Deadly is up, getting reading for another round of hard working. NightShade was up already, in her assasion gear and armed too. Deadly took her daughter everywhere with her, she was already planning on meeting Jason her fiance, pride of her world for a romantic day out but she had to take Night to her boyfriends first.

"Mommy, Mommy!" A sweet voice shouted from another room

"Coming sweetie" Deadly repied, of course the voice belong to her daughter NightShade.

"Mommy, I can't find them!" Night screams, she hardly ever scream unless she loses something close to her

"What can't you find sweetie?" Deadly replied, her dark blues sparkle in the light

"My gothic knee lengh boots" Night replied

DeadlyShade, got up and started to look around her room. After couple of minutes looking, she found them. Black, with Pink lasers with small silver spikes jotting out of the corners. Night was preparing to stay over at Strom's, everything was neatly prepared in her little coffin bag  and her little vampire bag pack.

"All ready angel?" Deadly asked

"Yes mommy" Night replied, nodding

"Ok then" She replied, while holding out her hand

NightShade, took her mother's hand and proccessed to walk down the stairs, finally out of their apparment and into the street. It was busy day, BladeRunner was outside with his new born daughter Grace in his arms. Coral Blade's fiance was clinging happily on his arm, he was taller than her and well built before he became and assassion he was pro cage fighter.But inside that harsh, scaring looking phyical appearance lies heart of passion, kindness and devoted soul.

"Coral, is your brother at home?" Deadly asked Coral

"Yes he is, looking very nice. Going somewhere?" She replied

"Yep, he's taking me out" Deadly replied, smiling

"Good, Blades taking me out, doesn't he look nice?" She asked, smiling also

"Very smart big brother" Deadly replied, while grinning at her big brother

Blade just smiled, he didn't sleep much. Usally he gets one or two of nights of sleep rest of time hes awake on duty. Deadly smiled again, began walking over to huge stone door which locked the underground city away from the world, she singled to guards on watch to let her pass, as she walked outside into real world, the sun shone bright at her, she smiled looking down at Night.

"Look mommy it's daddy!" Night shouted happily, as she waved to Jason

"NightShade, Deadly!" Jason shouted back, as he run over to them

"Daddy!" Night repeated again, again

"Oh there my princess" Jason replied to her happy shouts

Despite the fact, Jason wasn't night true father. He loved her anyway, adore her and her mother it was the sort of thing Deadly thought she would never find again in her life. Jason wasn't a fighter, but no matter what he did , Deadly could not stop loving him, he safe her from her abusive controlling ex husband to that she was amazed.

"I'm dropping NightShade off at Strom's house, then I shall be all yours" Deadly told Jason with sparkle in her eye.

"That fine with me" He says while hugging NightShade.

NightShade smiled brightly, her face light up all the time she saw Jason. He treated them both like royality, to him Deadly was his, Night was his daughter. It made the other people in Jason apperment block jeilous because Deadly was stunning even though she didn't want to admit it.

The End

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