An Unlikey Truth, An Unlikely Union

War is raging, Conflict is everywhere you turn. But within the reckage of this world there is small pockets of hope. Everyday is constant struggle just keep going though the constant conflict which approachs the land, curruption lingers though parliment, monchay and the only hope to save this forbieen, sercertive and unquie world is the three underground movements known as the Assasions of Rune, Rightoeus SilverHand of Paldains and MOC.

The days turn into months, which turn into years. This battle continues. Deep within the hallow cities of curruption, within a series of underground tunnels which lead to hidden and forbieen cities lies one of heroes. She like most of them, has had enough of the conflict. Her name is DeadlyShade, or commonly known as Deadly shes a memember of the Assasions of Rune. A voice is heard from within her room.

"Deadly!" It shout, clear and sharp

"I'm coming!" DeadlyShade replies just as sharp, she opens her eyes to another harash day.

Her room was black, curtians closed, door was shut tight. DeadlyShade, was one of most feared, lethal assasions of the Assasions of Rune. Despite this, she had a trouble life, has a single mother to a beauitful little girl named NightShade. DeadlyShade, has an elder brother named BladeRunner with him she takes care and charge of 5 other little ones of an old friend who was murdered in the start of this never ending conflict. They looked after, two sets of twins. OneShot and TwoShot, NineShot, Nightshot and their younger brother ThreeShot. Somewhere deep in the other tunnels which lead to another underground movement lies our next hero, known to some a the Righteous Defender, Peoples Protecter, Sir SkyLark the Mighty was one of last Paldains to remind completly faithful to the SilverHand. Father of 7 children, grand father of over 17 grand children. Hes wise, truthful, trustful, just and exstremly proud.

"Lark! Get your lazy self out of bed you lump!" Voice shouted at him though the door.

"I'm a coming, wife!" SkyLark shouted back, he was of course talking to his wife of 14 years. RoseLotus.

He got up, steadly his body was in right state from a previous battle but he didn't mind one bit. He open his blinds, curtians looked out on the underworld city which he was apart of. He looked at the window, happy and content saw his eldest daughter FireLilly waving to him from outside. He open the window and shouted out.

"Good Morning Daughter!"

"Good Morning Father" FireLilly replied, her voice was soft and gentle even when shouting.

"Dearest daughter of mine, how are you, how is your husband and your children?" Lark replies to her.

FireLilly, Eldest Daughter of SkyLark,  age 22. She is one of High Arch Mages of the SilverHand, well train in Arcane Fire Power. While Lark was High Paldain of SilverHand and master of Retrobution Paldain. His other daughter, FireBlossom was a High Priestess, Healing Priest.

"My husband is fine, just recovering from illness. My boys are fine and my daughter is fine also. Thank You for asking father" She replied gently.

"Heard from your sister?" Lark asked again

"No I haven't father, she has been away from home as of late" FireLilly replied

FireLilly, waved goodbye to her father, begain walking to over to kind, looking gentleman suited in blue and royal red armour. That young gentleman was non other than her husband of 3 years. Master Evan.

The End

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