An Unlikely Champion

13 year-old Mackenzie Adams is a shoo-in to be Captain of Capertown Middle School girls soccer team in her 8th Grade year. Being athletic, popular, and good-looking, she has now got it all. But everything about her life changes when the new girl, Sammy Jacob joins the team.

"Hey Mack, you coming?" Grace yelled from the doorway. Unlike her, I was still packing up my stuff from Science. I could swear that she packs up her things half an hour before class ends. I glanced up at her to see my three best friends hesitating to leave, Grace, Jordan, and Shelby. 

"Yeah," I called back, "I'm coming. Just give me one," I shoved a book in my bag, "more," I gave it another push, "second," I sighed as the textbook slid unwillingly between all the other junk I had in the nylon backpack. I swung the bag onto my back and skipped to the door. 

"Ya got everything in?" Shelby said stifling a laugh as she positioned herself to my right. Jordan and Grace fell behind us. 

"Yeah," I replied, laughing at myself. I could never fit everything in my tiny backpack that I had been using for the past three years. It was especially hard when you were taking honors math, honors science, and honors language arts. My stride fell into Shelby's, and soon Jordan and Grace behind us. The halls were empty because it was well past 3:00 PM now and everyone would be waiting for the buses outside. Everyone, except for the girls soccer team.

The Capertown Middle School soccer team, the "Capertown Soccer-ettes" were the pride and joy of the small town. District, county, state, and even National titles. You were allowed on the team all through Middle School; 6, 7, and 8 grade. Mackenzie and her friends had all been on the team for the past three years. Hardly anyone new, except for the 6th grade newbs, joined in the middle of their school career. It simply wasn't done. This team wasn't for the faint-hearted. It took blood, sweat, and the occasional tears to make the vigorous team. 

Now, it was Mackenzie's turn. No one in 6th grade was allowed to be on the varsity team. That is, if you weren't Mackenzie. Luckily the 8th grade team was unexpectedly short that year, and Coach Diver, the head coach, needed more players. Since Mackenzie was exceptionally talented from her 6 previous years of playing, she was chosen for varsity. The next year in 7th grade she, as well as all of her friends, were promoted to varsity, plus they helped out on junior varsity. This year in 8th grade was Mackenzie's time to shine. Since that first day of 6th grade that she had joined the Capertown Soccer-ettes, only one thing had been on her mind. Captain.

The honor and glory of being the brains and brawn of a prestigious soccer phenonemon. The captain was the next best thing from their assistant coach, Pinky. The girls called him Pinky because when he yelled during games his face became a dark shade of pink. But the captain headed the girls. She was a role model, a leader, someone who also cared about the other players on the team. Someone who watched over her players like a mother bird to her eggs

The End

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