Chapter FiveMature

I was getting bored if I was playing with my pencil. I'd just roll it back and forth and I'd stop every once in a while to stare across the Cafeteria. Not to say that it's never happened before, but being made to wait wasn't something that happens to me on occurrence. Further more, the person who was making me wait, on normal circumstances, would never do this to me. You can see my shock and surprise.

Actually, moments before when I was on the phone with him, I was. My jaw just went slack the entire time we were talking. These days it was harder and harder to keep in touch with him. Now that he was here, standing over there talking to a Mexican version of Betty Boop, my heart was starting to ache. It was either that or indigestion. As far as things go right now, it could be either one. I picked my No.2 pencil and allowed it to fall into my purse and closed it.

Terrence's build wasn't much to look at from the first glance, but let me tell you, it's because you aren't looking in the right areas. It might also help if he wore the right clothes to accentuate the curves of his butt or a tighter fit shirt so you could see that underneath that XL 'Dragon Ball Z' T-shirt was muscle.

I had mentioned it a few times to him before and we would only end up arguing the issue until he told me my face looked cute when I was angry. Without fail, that would shut me right up. Since, by then, I'd cover my face so he couldn't see me blushing.

"Oh, why couldn't Molly skip class?" I mumbled under my breath which came out more as a whine. It would help prevent me from thinking I'm such an idiot for not pouncing him when I had the chance. My hair fell over my face as I plopped my head on the table. I slightly winced from the shooting pain in my jaw. "Was it me? Or ever since 'Betty' showed up, I've been nothing but a mess?" I grunted to myself like an old lady who didn't get her prune juice.

Suddenly, a cold zing hit my shoulder and I caught myself from yelping. My face shot up to look at Terrence who wore a smug look on his face. I glanced at the two cans of carbonated drinks in his hands then glared at him. "I don't like Coke." I said as he slid into his seat from across from me. It was weird having him sit there than sit next to me. I felt sort of cold and barren. I knew I felt cold for sure after that little trick he pulled.

"Grace, you may get away with lying to other people but I know you." He laughed.

His bangs cascaded over his eyes as his smile stayed glued to his face. He glided a can of Coke over to me with his index finger with one hand while propping his elbow on the table so he could rest his head on his palm. "I think red lace looks better on you than black." He winked.

I hid my blush away from him by getting up from where I was sitting to go find a straw. Preferably a bendy straw since they're easy to work with. I even took an extra precaution as to swipe a few napkins to be on the safe side. My name may be Grace but that doesn't mean I'm 'Graceful.' Once I thought I had enough napkins to absorb a flowing river, I took a deep breath and returned to where Terrence was. I stood for a second longer to debate if I should take the initiative by sitting next to him then thought better of it.

I knew I was taking too long since he was staring at me with a look that said, 'What is she waiting for?' I sighed as I sat in my original cold and barren seat from across from him. My eyes were drawn to the empty seat. Again I sighed but he was glancing at the time on his watch to not pay any mind to me. And since neither one of us thought the clock in the Cafeteria was set to the right time, I couldn't blame him.

It's just another great idea to wear a spaghetti strap shirt today, Grace. Show off your lovely lady lumps when he's got the hourglass gal as his fiancée, Grace. Not going to change a thing if you don't make a move, you know, Grace. He's starting to look at you like your crazy because he knows you are thinking in third person view again, Grace. Why don't you say something to ease this awkward silence, Grace?

"So, what's up?" I asked.

I popped the top and arched a brow at him since he looked like a nervous little girl. He was twiddling his fingers like he had some big secret he wasn't sure to tell me. I knew he wanted to get married. What else could he tell me now that could send me through therapeutic shock? He closed his eyes to take a deep breath, a sign I was familiar with when he was ready to talk.

He flashed his eyes open at me and stared at me hard. I swore if he had lasers for eyes I'd be toast right now. Terrence slammed a fist on the table which made me jump and my eyes widened briefly. It even made my heart race a little. He would mouth the words but they weren't audible so I was left feeling confused as to what was going on. It sucked I couldn't read lips but I was sure he wanted to ask me something. I mean, this is how he normally tries asking for favors.

I shook my head, slightly annoyed if this was what we were going to do in the next fifteen minutes before my next class started. I wrapped my hand around my drink and held it to my lips. The liquid fizz was already sliding down my throat until he blurted, "I want you to be my best man."

I spat out the coke with a look of surprise on my face and shouted, "What?" He just barely got out of the way before it could hit him but some poor passerby miraculously walked into the puddle and slipped. Well, not that we weren't gathering enough attention that set in course for everyone to stare in our general direction. I hate you life. You suck more than a porn star sucks... Not the time for this; I need to get out of here.

I picked up my things and left the Coke behind. Terrence stayed behind just long enough to apologize to the guy who slipped and began to shimmy around his obstacle course of tables, chairs, and people. His pace quickly turned into a brisk walk to follow behind me.

"I wouldn't be asking you this if I didn't think you could do this." He said softly. Oh God, my life IS turning into a Julia Roberts movie. I sped up faster to open the swinging door lead us outside. "You know I don't have that many guy friends."

"I wonder why." I scoffed.

He had such long legs and could easily keep up with me. This fact was not making things any easier since I wanted to get away from him. Instead once we were in a more secluded place I stopped dead in my tracks to spin on my heel.

"You barely know this girl, Terri" That was his nickname that everyone called him by but I was the only one who could get away with it without getting cussed out. I suppose it sounded to him like a girl's name. It can be unisex, so I can see why his primal man instincts can get in the way. Me not girl. I manly man. Cue Tarzan yell and fists beating against chest.

I placed a hand on my hip as my heels clacked on the cement to walk over to him. He had already came to a halt from walking and looked rather flushed but I doubt it was from walking all over the place. He shrugged with his only response being, "We hit it off."

I blinked my mascara covered eyes at him a few times. "You're kidding, right? Do you not know how silly you sound right now?" I took a few more steps to stand in front of him. Even with heels on I still have to incline my head somewhat to talk to him.

"If you would stick around long enough you might see what I see in her."

"A slut." I responded.

"Grace!" He shouted.


"Stop acting like this."

"You can't stand there and say she doesn't look like a Mexican Betty Boop, Terri." I told him. He snorted and revealed a smile. I smiled back. "See? Even you can't deny that."

"You know looks aren't everything to me." He said, spotting a tree behind him. He walked over to it to lean his back against it.

"Yeah," I took a breath to begin but we both finished saying it in unison. "But they're a bonus."

We both smiled at each other again. He waved his index finger to me to join him and like a spell which had been cast upon me I jerked my body into movement toward him.

"I thought you didn't like those types." I breathed and watched a few leaves fall around us as we stood by each other against the tree.

Terrence's shoulder nudged me and his hand reached on top of my head and ceased me from breathing for a second. His hand arm pulled away to reveal a leaf he had in his hand. His fingers let go of it and fell to the ground. He shrugged again.

"People's preferences change. Besides, she isn't as all bad as she seems. Not to mention she is a whole lot smarter than I once originally thought."

I skimmed my brain for some ideas of what to say next. "What about your religious beliefs?"

"That's the funny thing," He chuckled. "She and I are both atheists."

This isn't good. "What about your family or hers?"

"Grace, you know this, my family doesn't care what I believe in as long as I'm not some criminal or gay. Or both, they are okay with whatever I decide to do."

I pointed a knowing finger at him. "Or lazy, they do not like that too."

"Or lazy" He repeated while nodding in agreement. "As for her family, they aren't too thrilled but they respect their daughter too much to fight over such a trivial thing based on race or religion."

"Religion isn't trivial to most people." I paused. "What about your interests? You aren't thinking that opposites attract thing, are you?" He shook his head at me, making a 'Nuh-uh' sound at me. He folded his arms to turn his head to look into my eyes.

His head dipped down for a moment. "We actually have tons of things in common." He smiled at me like a six year old kid who found a five dollar bill on the sidewalk. Heck, he'd still smile like that if he did find money on the ground no matter how much cheap change it was.

I had my hand on my mouth to hide my frown because I didn't like how this was going one bit. I also didn't have much time before my silence gave away there might be something wrong so I turned my hand into a fist and cleared my throat. My resolve was leaving quickly so I went with the last thing I could think of. "You don't like Spanish. How're you supposed to talk to her parents or the rest of her family?"

"Ah. Ah! AH! Tsk. Tsk..." He waved his index finger in a disapproving manner at me. "I never said I didn't like Spanish. I just don't like how difficult Spanish can be, my friend." He flicked my nose and I wrinkled it. I hated when he did that because it made my nose itch.

I scratched my nose before rolling my eyes. "You haven't even known her that long!" I huffed.

"So what? I didn't know you that long before I confessed I was in love with you."

I folded my arms to walk away from him. My stomach was in knots when he said he was in love with me. "That's different." I practically whispered under my breath. I knew he heard me and even if he didn't, unlike me, he could read lips.

"How is that any different?" He asked.

"You weren't trying to get married to me."

"And whose fault do you think that is?" He said coyly. There goes his smug little grin again.

I was starting to get angry and the reason for it wasn't too far from my reach. "You're a fool."

"You know, you look cute when you are angry." He arched a brow, grinning to show me all his pearly whites. He could be an actor and he knew it and that's probably why he's studying in acting in the first place. I flipped my middle finger at him and swung around to walk to a class that was most likely halfway through already. Before I did though, he just let out a bark of laughter which made me silently seethe even more. I was almost to the point to cuss out the little prick.

Without turning around I yelled at him. "Fools shouldn't rush in!"

Instead of getting the normal response I expected from him he shouted back at me with the same question from earlier, "So are you going to be my best man or not?" My face turned bright red since some of the other students who were just getting out of class were staring at us.

I didn't want to be too rude so I replied, "I'll think about it."

The End

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