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If you could get the man of your dreams to love you back, how far would you go?Would youbpartner up with the "bride-to-be's" friend?What lengths should you go to prevent your best friend from sleeping with the fiancé's relatives?How about planning a bachelorettee party?Do you think you can handle your ex who happens to be a baker? Could you even appear in the wedding as the Best Man?
I'd like to think I am optimistic in winning the affections of my best friend Terrence. After all, I was the

The saying goes, "Lovers come and go but friends are forever." I had believed that up until I found out my best friend was getting married. I don't want you to automatically assume this is going to turn into some Julia Roberts movie like , 'My Best Friend's Wedding'. For starters, I don't even have a gay best friend. Second, I never was in a relationship with him.

Not that it was unrequited love. He had, at one point, been in love with me. The only conundrum we were facing back then was me, myself, and I. Me, being the hard case I was, denied him the opportunity to win my affections for the simple reasoned flaw: "I don't date guys younger than me"

Oh how he just fawned over me like I was some goddess. It never amounted to anything, obviously, but I couldn't say it never hurt to make a girl feel extra special. Now that there was another girl who was more special than me, it made my stomach churn. That might be the reason why I skipped the club meeting and headed straight to the restroom, or it could have been the breakfast burrito I had this morning. Both were plausible reasons at this time.

I sat there, contemplating how this happened. It had to have been when he was in Mexico. Darn it, I told him not to go there. There must have been something in the water to make him go head over heels for a girl he hardly knows. Please, if there is a God, give me a sign.

I gasped as someone knocked on the door of the stall I was currently in.

"Grace? For heavens sake, get out of there. You need to stop being so melodramatic about this."

I could almost see it right now. Molly rolling her emerald green eyes at me. Her perfectly manicured nails rubbing her temples out of annoyance. And lest we not forget, her lips forming a thin line as if I was her two year old child who refused to listen. Knowing that, I picked my purse up and unlatched the door to glare at her. She really had no idea what I was going through.

"How can I not worry about this?" I asked.

She leaned her well-toned butt against the sink then folded her arms as her brow arched waiting for me to continue to say something else. I hate that. Having friends who know you all too well can make having a self pity party much harder. When I didn't speak she crossed her legs to take a breath to speak, "This was bound to happen. Why are you taking it personal now? You don't make any sense Grace."

I ran a hand through my hair like a cat would if it had something stuck on it’s face and rested my back against a closed stall door which had an 'Out of Order' sign attached to it. I heaved a sigh. My eyes darting toward Molly. I shrugged, feeling very hopeless. "I don't know. It doesn't make much sense to me either, you know?"

"Honestly, what did you expect?" She began. I stood up straighter, looking directly at her. I opened my mouth then shut it. Deciding to listen to what she had to say. Which, I regretted shortly afterward. "He's been running after you for so long. You never let up. Let's face it Grace, I am surprised he didn't ditch you sooner." She finished.

I would have retorted something back at her nastily but, at the end of it all, I knew she was right. This, in turn, made it worse for me to say anything else on the subject. I closed my eyes willing everything to go back as it once was. I knew it wouldn't because I could hear Molly's nails tapping the counter sink. I opened my eyes, my lips pressed tightly together.

"This isn't working," I thought to myself.

My eyes darted to the ceiling as if a light bulb popped on. I snapped my fingers with one hand while the other was left strumming my chin. "I've got it!" I exclaimed. "He must be using this to play a trick on me. Like the time he told me his mother died on April Fools. Remember that?"

Molly nodded her head in agreement then added, "That was messed up by the way."

"Yeah...It so was." I said as my gaze momentarily drifted to my feet.

It wasn't until she cleared her throat that I set my focus back on her. It was at times like these that it benefited having her as a friend. She knew when to snap me back into reality when I'd go off to 'Memory Lane'.

"So what's this theory?" She turned her back to me to mess with her purse. I looked in the mirror to see her reflection. She pulled out some lip gloss and popped the top off, applying on a few layers to give off that shiny glisten to her mouth. Once she was done she dropped it back in her purse and laid her hands over the sink, staring back at me with a questioning expression on her face.

"Well," I began. My arms soon folded themselves as I thought through what to say next. "He always uses humor whether in good or bad situations. So what I'm thinking is...This is just another game of his to test my feelings out."

I heard Molly snort and I glared at her once more.

"What?" I couldn’t find humor in this situation.

She swung her purse over her shoulder and motioned with her head for me to follow her. "The only problem with that theory is that we've met the girl he's been talking about and he looks really happy to me."

I let out a bark of laughter as she held the door for me and we started walking down the hall.

"Yeah? And so what! That doesn't mean a thing. He's getting a degree in Acting, mind you, and what if she is too?"

"I think you are missing the point here." She sighed turning the corner.

"And I think you aren't listening." I huffed.

I folded my arms with conflicted emotions about Molly having to go to another class. I was feeling happy that I didn't have to explain myself about this and it was also the reason I was sad. I wanted someone to talk to. How could I confide to a friend when one was the problem and the other had their own to worry about?

"Look, Grace, when you've come up with a good basis for your conspiracy theory, let me know." She said before slipping into her classroom. She dropped her things on her desk to come back over to me. "On the bright side, this could be another one of his flings and you two will go back to how things once were."

"What if I don't want it to?" I whispered.

Molly placed her hand on my shoulder, heaving a very loud sigh. "You should have thought of this before then." She looked past me in the same attempt to say she ought to hurry it along inside but turned to me with a softer expression.  "If my plans change after class I'll meet you in the Fine Arts Building, alright?"

I told myself not to be a brat and nodded my head. She took that as the okay and left right at the moment her teacher passed by me. Mr. Reynolds wasn't the most sociable person to be around which I found odd as he was a Speech instructor. Once the bell rang he shut the classroom door to stare at me through the tiny window. I took that as my cue to leave.

I clicked my tongue, "Thanks a lot."

I turned on my heel to walk away. My head twisting around to glance back briefly as if I could will my friend to skip class. I shook the thought out of my mind and returned to walking back toward the direction of the bathroom so I could sit in a stall again to continue my self-loathing pity party.

The End

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