An Unexpected Destiny

Sasha starts High School not knowing anybody. in her first period she meets Alex, a unique guy who treats her like a lady. He is gorgeous! They go on a date and he reveals a disturbing secret. Will the love last, or will their families come between them?


I cannot come to regret my decisions that brought me very near to death. They are the ones that brought me to the unique boy that has surpassed my image of the perfect man. Do you agree that it is impossible to die with honor? I myself used to believe this, but as the bright light of death shone in my direction, I realized that the only way to die with honor is to die for someone you love; to save them, no matter how indestructible they may seem to be. So, as you can imagine, despite the blood gushing violently from my chest, and the burning sensation that felt like fire licking up and down my entire body, I felt content. Content, because I’d rather die than live without the perfect man by my side.

The End

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