An Uncertain Love

Ellie and Avery are going through the tough times every couple does. However, they aren't your typical heterosexual couples.

'Soft music filled the air and created a bubble of magic around the ballroom as the dancers turned and spiraled into a thin thread of bright nothingness. Ellie watched them disappear into slivers of silver before her eyes, amazed by the beautiful sight. Silvery dust covered the dance floor where once elegant ladies in gowns and gentlemen in suits had once delighted her with their graceful moves. The lights were dim but it was enough to reflect upon the silver powder and make the floor shine on its own. A tap on her shoulder startled her and she turned around. A tall body stood behind her, dressed in an elegant black suit, the face was hardly recognizable under the darkness. The stranger's hand reached out for her own satin-gloved hand. Her lips parted with questions ready to swarm out, but she couldn't find her voice. Ellie let the stranger take her to the dance floor and spin her around in wide circles. She glanced at the floor and the beautiful patterns they were creating amidst the silver dust. Her soft, blond curls were floating when she spun, she could feel her cheeks burning with excitement, and her eyes were bright sapphires. She tilted her head up, a smile ready in her face, expecting a handsome gentleman to return her smile. However, two pieces of emerald framed with long eyelashes were staring lovingly at her, the rosy lips were curled into a smile, and her black hair was slick back from her beautiful face. It was a girl she was dancing with...and worst of all, she was bending down to place a kiss on Ellie's lips.'


"You look beautiful Ellie."

Ellie snapped her attention from the mirror and turned to the source of the voice. Behind her stood Avery, leaning against the wall and looking with an amused expression at Ellie. Avery was the rebellious sort of girl, who challenged everything and went against any social norm dictated by society. Her determined green eyes framed with thick eyelashes were fierce and soft at the same time, her rosy lips were always set into something between an amused smirk and a snicker, her black hair was pulled back from her strong face with a hair band. She had high cheekbones and a set chin. She was very beautiful, with long limbs and ivory skin. Ellie smiled and thanked her. She was still shaking from her eerie daydreaming. The daydream wasn't what unsettled her; it was the fact that she felt afraid that it would come true.

Ellie gave Avery one last smile before turning to the mirror to examine herself. Her blue-colored eyes were more accentuated because of the sapphire dress she was wearing; it made her look elegant and regal, although her blond hair was a mess of curls dangling on her shoulders. Ellie was the complete opposite of Avery; she was shorter in height and possessed less beauty, grandeur, and personality. As opposed to Avery, who didn't care what the world threw in her way, Ellie did care about a lot of things, particularly what people thought of her. She brushed the front of her dress nervously as thoughts of what people might say burst into her mind. They weren't normal remarks and comments such as, "Ellie's prom dress looks awful, makes her look like a blueberry" or "Ugh, look at her, she is so ugly and quiet", they were "look at them, they're each other’s date. What a pity, so disgusting!". Embarrassment reached her cheeks and she felt them burning.

"All decided then?" Avery's bored voice floated in the thin air. She was eager and impatient to leave the shop.

"Yeah," Ellie managed to whisper. She walked inside the changing room and shed the beautiful dress off and back to her casual clothes. She emerged from the small cubicle and both of them walked to the cashier to pay the dress.

Once outside the store, Avery breathed freely. "Finally out of that store!" She turned to Ellie and grinned, "I am so glad you finally found your prom dress, I was starting to get nervous that you would go to prom wrapped in bed sheets and towels. Not that I'd mind, of course."

Ellie smiled ruefully, a tight grip on her bag. "I am glad too, Avery." Both of them walked through the shopping centre in silence, until Avery slid her thin fingers into Ellie's hand. Ellie gave a little shriek of surprise and quickly hid her hand. She blushed when she saw Avery staring at her in surprise. Ellie's heart was beating hard inside her chest. This wasn't the first time they walked hand-in-hand, but it was the first time Ellie had felt anything but love and affection toward Avery, she now felt disturbed.

The End

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