Chapter 12

I wanted to say how sorry I was to mother, but I didn't know how. Talking, obviously, was out of the question. But was there another way I could show her how sorry I was? Maybe I could buy her an "I'm sorry" gift. But it felt really cheesy to do that. What if I gave her a hug? No, a hug wasn't enough. Mom wanted to hear my voice and I knew it. I didn't feel like there was any other way out, so I avoided mom for the rest of the day.  

Once Sarah was happy to find that all of her stuffed animals had been upstairs in her room, I went to see Sylvie, who was in her room packing.

"I have to go back to school," Sylvie explained, "But I'll be back for dads funeral, whenever that is."

I nodded.

Sylvie lifted her suitcase off the bed and put the wheels on the ground. I followed her to the door and she looked back at me with a sad smile on her face. "Well, goodbye Rose. See you soon, I guess."

I hated that Sylvie had to go away now. Even though she was sometimes annoying and stuck-up I loved her. I couldn't bear to part with anymore of my family. I just wanted everyone together so that nothing would happen to us.

That night, mom told me to go to bed. I went up and changed quickly and hopped in bed with most of the lights on. Mom peeked in at me, blew me a kiss and before I could tell her not to, she turned the lights off and shut the door.

The End

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