Chapter Eleven

Of course, that's exactly what we did.

It's not like we tried to, and it wasn't our fault. Sarah wanted some pizza so I put a frozen one in the oven. Then I heated up a bowl of soup for me. Then I noticed the wrappings from the pizza on the counter and tossed them in the direction of the trashcan. It's not my fault it landed on the stove where I'd accidentally left the burner on.

When Mom and Sylvie got home, she didn't even say anything to me as the firemen finished spraying our house. She just walked up to the fire chief and asked about the damage. Sylvie was the one who came up and asked what happened. Sarah told her in a small voice. She was really scared that her stuffed animals hadn't survived even though only the kitchen, dining room, and a little bit of the living room had been damaged at all.

"What if I left someone in the kitchen? The dining room? The living room?" she kept saying.

Finally, the firemen left and it was just the four of us again. Mom looked at me, sighed, and went inside the house.

The End

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