Chapter Ten

"I'm going to have to drop you off," Mom explained, "Because your sister, Sylvie, and I are going to go  do a little shopping together, so you'll have to take care of Sarah for me."

I nodded and couldn't help wondering why in the world they were going shopping. We just went a couple days ago, so why did we havet o go again?

"You have your key, right?" Mom asked, I shook my head "Okay, then I guess I'll have to let you in." Mom sighed.

When we got to the house, mom stopped the car and tok out the keys. She smiled at me, but it wasn't a real smile, it was forced. The one that had been on her face ever since dad had died. I wondered how long it would take for her to have a full smile on. I wondered how long it would take for me to talk. I suppose it's the sort of thing we have to be patient on. Healing after a death takes time.

Sylvie came out and nodded her goodbye at me. Sarah poked her head from the hallway inside.

"Okay, well you two have fun. Sylvie and I will be home in an hour or so. Please stay inside and don't do anything stupid like set the house on fire."

The End

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