Chapter Eight

When I got home that afternoon, mom was waiting for me at home. The house smelled of chocolate chip banana bread, which had always been my favorite since I was little. Mother knew that, was this some sort of way to get me so excited and to make me talk? Well it wouldn't work.  Mother smiled at me dolefully. Her reading glasses were perched on the top of her head as she glanced at me. "I thought you'd like some," She said, "How many slices?"

I held up two fingers.

"Okay then. How was school? What did you do? How are your friends? I hope your teachers are okay with this new persona."

This must have been a way to get me to talk. There was no way I could answer all those questions without speaking. So I shruged.

"You know, if you don't talk to anyone, your friends might get bored of trying to make you talk. They'll move on, you know, and you'll find yourself all alone. Do yourself a favor and talk."

I shook my head, of course I wouldn't talk yet. But mother had other ideas. She took my by the shoulders and looked at me straight in the eye, "Rose, I love your dearly, you know that. I know your in melancholy. I know you feel wistful. I do too, I feel your pain. I know your pain. I loved your daddy, Rose, and nothing will ever change that. But I think it's time we start moving on. I think you need to get your mind off your daddy because you've been thinking too much. You need to live your day, for today will only happen once every year. Why don't we start by seeing a movie?" 

Mother did not understand, she had not seen what I had seen. If she had seen that, she would have been doing what I was doing right now. But I admired her, and besides one movie wouldn't hurt. It couldn't hurt!

The End

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