Chapter Four

I couldn't understand why Mom was acting this way. Why did we have to go to some fancy dinner to welcome the new neighbors? Dad died so recently he hadn't even been buried yet and she'd barely started planning the funeral.

I ended up getting a white dress that had a Grecian feel to it with a black sash across the middle. I'd wanted to get an all black one since all I was wearing these days were black, but my mom refused.

The new neighbors were Mr and Mrs. Williams. Mr. Williams was an editor and Mrs. Williams was a reporter. She'd been the head reporter in her old town for the local news but she had to start at the bottom again here. She was not happy about that. It's pretty much all she talked about all night.

That night when I fell asleep I had an awful dream. In it, I couldn't speak, even if I had wanted to, and I couldn't move. I had to just stand and watch as my father tied a rope around the ceiling fan, dragged a chair over to it, stood on it, tied the rope around his neck, and kicked the chair out of the way.



The End

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