An Orange Ghost

SummerDreams and I are doing this story together (Just us!) and we're just going to let the story unfold as we go along! :D

Rose woke up to the rain drumming on her window. She sighed and slipped on  a plain, simple dress. It was black and  She took a few deep breaths and walked out of her meager room and down the steep staircase. 

Rose's bare feet carefully stepped on each wooden step. She took her time going downstairs, for she didn't need to rush anymore. At the bottom, she found herself in the middle of the living room. The living room had exactly three windows right next to eachother and a a deep red curtin covered them all. Rose drew the curtin back and let the sun flood the room and make it as bright as ever. She ploped herself on the couch and waited for everyone else to wake up. 


The End

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