I turned his face was covered.  I ran forward, taking him off guard, except he tripped me up.  I stumbled, tried to twist in the air but fell hitting my head on a rock, the blackness was fuzzing around my eye sight, grey spots dancing.  I slipped into the darkness begging it to take me away.  I heard footsteps approach, then nothing...

I woke with a headache.  Slowly I rose from the stone cold floor, checking my surroundings.  I was in a warehouse.  Cars and lorries whizzing by and the sound of an airport less than a mile away.  No-one would hear me.  I stood, a wave of dizziness passed over me.  A shadow approached form behind; I spun around, fists ready.  My heart beating like a humming birds, I felt sick, my mouth dry.  All this drama and for nothing but an old crime back when I was 15, in with the wrong crowd and this is what I get.  “Hello Cassie,” my old ‘friend’ said, all I did was nod my head.  He came closer and pushed me down, “Haven’t seen you in a while!” he continued, I turned my head.  With an air of royalty he leant towards me, grabbing my hair and pulled.  I screamed in outrage, as a fist came flying towards my face.  The pain washing over me again, I invited it in “Where is it? If you don’t tell me, I will kill you.” Again I shook my head and turned away spitting blood at his shoes.  He leaned in, violence written all over his face, and stabbed.

The End

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