An Offer

I have a simple message
From me and onto you
Now take my hand and let me start
I'll be grateful if you do.

I have an offer just for you
An offer, if you dare
An offer I present to you
With love and joy and care.

I come to offer you my heart
That way that all men do.
But more than other men ever could
Something that I will prove.

I wish to hold you by your hand
And be your loving guide
I want to feel and cherish you
And you'll be by my side

And we will walk together
And putter around the mall
And my hand will be behind your head
To catch it as it falls.

And I will grow to love you
And you will love me too
And we will fondly think back
To when it was something new

And one day we may grow apart
And go our separate ways
But everyone will feel that way
With sad and angry days

So yes, we may have our fights
And our patience may be spent
But we will always have our love
And know exactly what it meant.

Whatever measure we may have
Of love and joy and care
I want to do it all with you
If only you would dare

I want to be the one to do this
And you to want it too
I offer you all this and more
What happens is up to you.

The End

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