An Odd Trio.

In the year 3000, the lives of three extremely different youngsters are bound together by fate, and a prophecy that no-one quite understands. Now, the trio must stop Earth from being destroyed, and ultimately, save the human race from extinction...


The small humanoid girl pressed her face against the glass front of the small spacecraft. She looked fundamentally human, but there were certain aspects that just screamed alien. Her skin, for example, was a beautiful shade of pale green, and her eyes were completely black, no discernible whites, pupils or irises. Her small, cute button nose and full pouting lips could have easily passed for human, had they not been that delicate shade of green. Her darker green hair was tied into five bunches, like a star,  fastened right at the ends so there were only the smallest of tassels. The rest of her body was passably human, just the chubby body of a baby, complete with her little star-fish hand pressed against the glass.

Behind the child's craft was a planet racked with devastation and war, a dying world. Her home. Her parents had sent her away on this small craft bound for Earth, hoping she would live on, be happy and prosperous, and one day, perhaps, be able to restart their race. The only things the babe had left from her home were enough milk to last her the journey, the sleeping suit she was wearing, which was just a few shades darker than her skin and a chain around her neck, on which hung a name tag reading: Name: Starr Peliphro. Species: Starlenite.  On the back, messily scratched, were the words: Please take good care of her, she is the last of our kind. 

As the little craft sped ever closer to its destination, little Starr closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep, unaware of her fate. 


At the same time, on planet Earth, their was a gut-wrenching metallic creak as the resident mad-scientist moulded his new creation. Their was a blast of heat as the scientist did the last bit of welding, and then, he was done. His creation was a reality. Now, all he needed was to insert the soul-generator into the centre of the lifeless metal shell. He fastened the little heart shaped container, welded it shut and then, plugged in the life-wire. Shutting the compartment, he stood back and watched as his creation sparked into life. 

The little robot's legs and arms began to jerk, and then it's eye shutters opened with a mechanical whirr. Then a strange screeching began to emit from the small thing's noise box, making the scientist clap his hands over his ears. He hadn't realised that when he had made a robot that went through the real stages of life, and could actually "grow" that it would start as a baby! He picked up the screaming child and put it in a delivery pod. He keyed in a few random coordinates and watched as another experiment went back to the drawing board. With a sigh, he went back inside. 

A few hours later in the city centre.. 

A few drones were working diligently at their posts when suddenly, a spherical delivery pod crashed straight through the roof and made a large dent on the metal work of the floor. A few of the drones glanced at the crashed pod from the corners of their eyes, but they were programmed to work through all conditions, so they kept at it. Soon, however, a horrible screech, reminiscent of nails scraping down a blackboard, began to emit from inside the pod and after a few moments the door to the pod slid open. Now the drones crowded round, unable to work through this. Inside, they saw a tiny robot, the size of a human newborn, lying in the bottom, the lines on it's amplifier going crazy. Could this really be what was causing the noise? Was this what a robot.. baby.. looked and sounded like? Who had created this strange thing, and what should they do with it? How could they work with this infant screeching the whole time? Abruptly, the infant ceased its screeching. Its mouth-hatch had opened and it had shoved a bolt into it. One of the drones giggled sheepishly. 

"I just saw the bolt on the floor and thought of my old master's child, he liked to suck on anything he could get his hands on when he was younger." It said, with another sheepish giggle. With a shrug, the rest of the drones went back to their work, and didn't give the robot-infant a second thought. 


Elsewhere in the bustling city, just a few dozen metres from the drone's factory, a human baby was crying. The baby was lying in a basket on the doorstep of the Orphanage. He was screaming fit to bust, hungry, wet and freezing cold. The Orphanage didn't open it's doors until nine 'o' clock and it was only six.. It was going to be a long wait.. 

The End

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