an odd pair

my story isn't longer than 300 words... so..

I was the only thing between them. Their eyes looking through me - outside from inside,inside from outside - at each other. 'You never put on the toothpaste lid,”, “You don’t turnoff the lights,” ”You don’t understand filter coffee”... and the jibes flew.

Her nose was perspiring, maybe it was the Chennai summer or maybe it was the volatile emotion. . If they screamed any louder I would have cracked, and collapsed. I couldn’t hold on anymore, the slippery amalgam of ”Fair and Lovely”and the running rivulets of sweat won.. I slipped down her nose, but her hands were clamped on her waist in a feudal position,she didn't realize till it was too late... “Oh my, save me!” and I crashed..cracking. He slams the door behind him with his last threat, “I am not buying you another pair this year!”

The End

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