Laron Skies

The dawn light filtered through the curtains. Serafina flicked her eyes open to see Azalia peering at her. Azalia jumped back in surprise and Serafina sat up quickly.

“Why the hell were you watching me sleep?” asked Serafina. Azalia went red slightly.

“Sorry. I was just... waiting for you to wake up,” she murmured.

“So you decided to watch me sleep?”

“Sorry. Kyros wants to talk to you, urgently.” Serafina didn’t move.

“He wants to talk to me? About what?”

“I don’t know. He didn’t say. He just told me to get you.”

“All right, tell him I’ll be five minutes.” Azalia scowled but nodded and scuttled out of the room.

Serafina slowly stood up and went to stand in front of her full-length mirror. Her short hair was straight as usual and the platinum blonde glittered in the faint light. Her grey eyes flashed in the light.

She always wore her knee-high leather boots, which had two inch wedge heels. Her jeans were still wet from the rain last night. She sat down on the edge of her bed and peeled them off. She dumped them in a pile on the floor. She grabbed another pair from the chest of drawers and pulled them on, careful not to move the dagger from her calf. She dropped the hem over the dagger and smiled. When she was younger, she’d named the two daggers. The one on her leg was called Bo and the one in between her shoulder blades was Warrick. She didn’t know why she’d named them, but named them she had.

She smiled and picked up her sword. She attached it to her belt and held the jewel-encrusted hilt. She loved the feel of it against her palm. She drew the sword and held it in front of her. She slid the flat of the blade along her hand. It was smooth and she could feel the sharpness of the double-edge on her skin. She grinned and sheathed the sword once more.

Her black long sleeved T-shirt was soaking so she took it off and put another one on. She grabbed her black leather trench coat and swung it on to her arms. It just reached her ankles. Serafina wasn’t especially tall, which made people never suspect her for murder – being a good liar and actor also helped her on those rare occasions when she was caught.

She checked herself out in the mirror.

Absolutely gorgeous, she thought with a smirk on her face.

She left the room, closing the door behind her. She walked down the corridors like she owned them, one of the many flaws in her personality.

There was no one around, which Serafina liked. She preferred her own company to that of others. She also liked quiet. She never spoke when there was nothing to be said. She made her way to the Hall to be seen by Kyros.

She didn’t like the albino, he irritated her. Most were scared of him for reasons Serafina didn’t care about. Kyros was a man of little skill, none that interested her anyway.

Serafina stood outside the Hall, where she had been a few hours previously. At home she was never summoned, she was waited for. But she wasn’t at home; she was on loan to London where she was paid pitiful amounts for her skills. She started singing her favourite song again, quietly of course.

“You’re homesick,” said a voice behind her.

She stopped singing and spun around. Leaning against the archway was a handsome boy that she’d passed in corridors but never spoken to until now. His hair was a deep blond colour with buttery highlights. It was messy and swept across his forehead, covering his eyebrows. His eyes were playful and an odd colour. They were red; although it was obvious he was wearing contacts. Serafina didn’t say anything.

“I’m Laron Skies,” he said. His voice was deep and there was something to the texture of it that made Serafina’s heart miss a beat.

“I’m Serafina Dagger,” she replied, trying to hide her blush.

“I know.” He flashed a perfectly white grin at her. He looked at the sheath hanging by her leg. “Nice sword. Can I have a look?”

Laron pushed off the wall and came towards her. He stopped about two feet from her. Serafina could see his eyes better. They were playful, and filled with excitement.

Serafina pulled out her sword and held her hands either end of the blade.

He smiled at her and slid his hand around the hilt. She dropped her hands back down by her sides as Laron tested the sword’s weight. He passed his fingers along the steel before handing it back. The sheath welcomed back the sword with open arms.

“There’s a rumour you’ve cut down a hundred men with that sword,” Laron said.

“That’s a bit of an exaggeration. It’s more like sixty. With the sword anyway,” she replied.

“How many have you actually killed?”

She shrugged. “Don’t know. Enough to get life sentences for the entire London, Edinburgh and Liverpool Guilds probably. If not more.”

Laron Skies closed the distance between them. He placed his hands on her upper arms and bent his neck slightly. He pressed his lips gently on hers. He dropped his hands and pushed back her hair. He leaned in again, this time heading for her ear.

“Goodbye, flower of Scotland,” he whispered.

Then he left, leaving Serafina Dagger stunned. The double doors opened and someone stepped out.

“Kyros will see you now,” said the woman.

Serafina turned automatically and walked into Kyros’s inexplicably large office.

The End

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