An Odd Career Choice

Serafina grimaced. It was pouring down and her jeans were stuck to her legs and her hair was plastered against her skull. She hated the wet. But she had a job to do, a job that got harder every single day.

She was stood outside the building in which the party was taking place. She looked through the window. Azalia was in position.

Inside that room were the most powerful businessmen and women of London.

Most of which we’ll be hired for, thought Serafina.

Azalia signalled to Serafina who nodded at her. Azalia straightened out her red satin dress that slid along the floor as she walked towards today’s target.

Serafina made her way to the fire exit around the other side of the building. She tapped gently on the door which opened to meet her.

A cloaked figure stood there with the hood up. It was a man’s figure. He held himself in an arrogant way. He was way too confident for his career. Serafina rolled her eyes at him.

“We have work to do, Tarian, behave yourself,” she said. She grabbed his hood with one hand and threw it back.

The man there was little more than a teenager, just turned eighteen. His hair was silver and his eyes blue. His hair stuck up at every single angle possible. A cocky smile adorned his mouth.

“You don’t want to see me when I’m misbehaving, Sera.” The two of them stalked down the corridor silently. There was never a clatter of footsteps or a whisper from either of them.

They stopped at the door where they heard Azalia’s voice. She was talking to the target.

“Oh, Doctor Fox, you do amuse me,” she laughed in her melodious voice. “Say, Doctor, what do you know of the robin?”

That was the codeword. Before Doctor Fox could answer her, they threw the door open and grabbed the short, fat man. They pulled him back and threw him against the wall. Doctor Fox grunted and fell to the floor unconscious.

“About time. Do you have any idea how long I’ve been working bird names into the conversation?” asked Azalia. Nobody bothered to answer her.

Serafina went to the door as Azalia slipped past her. She checked for anyone who might have heard the commotion. There was no one, but still she kept watch, just in case. She glanced back at Tarian and Azalia who were just standing around.

“Do it, for God’s sake,” Serafina hissed at them.

Tarian looked up at Azalia. “You do it,” he said.

“Nuh-uh, you do it,” Azalia demanded.

“God’s sake,” Serafina muttered.

She strode to the unconscious doctor on the floor. She grabbed his frizzy hair and hauled him up. Serafina had a dagger strapped to her back, but she left it where it was.

She had her hands either side of his head. She twisted, abruptly and sharply. He fell to the floor, dead, in a crumpled heap. Serafina turned and glared at her squad mates.

“What’s up with you two? Can’t even do your own jobs properly,” she scoffed. “It’s always me. In a week’s time, my loan ends and I’ll be off again. I won’t be there to complete your assignments for you.”

Serafina took a small recording device from one of her many pockets. She brought it closer to her lips and pressed ‘Record’.

“Doctor Garron Fox, deceased, broken neck,” she said into the device. She pressed ‘Stop’ and put it back in her pocket.

Serafina sighed and shut the door. She led Azalia and Tarian back down the corridor to the fire exit. They let themselves out. They walked down the gloomily-lit streets of the English capital city.

It was a while before any of them spoke again but it was Serafina who broke the silence.

“I just don’t think you guys are cut out to be assassins.”

The End

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