What used to beMature

Today is the math test. I haven't studied because I was too busy driving my mom to the emergency room for her epileptic seizures. Apparently, my dad left again. Probably in jail. As if it matters. I just helped my mom because I have to. She certainly doesn't deserve it.

As soon as I turn eighteen, I'm out of this hellhole.

My life is far too average to explain to any poor soul, far too boring as well. I have nothing interesting that ever happens. School is completely average. Life is completely average. Everything is just boring. I have wanted out of this life ever since my older sister took her own life and left me to have to deal with my stupid family alone.

I want freedom. I want fantasy. I want giant waves of excitement crashing down on me from all sides and suffocating me with it's inspiration. I want something more than this pathetic thing I'm living right now.

And I want to be alone. Science says that humans are creatures that need company; that we are not solitary creatures and we are only our healthiest when we are in groups, but that's completly ridiculous. People bother me so very much. I cannot work with them. I've had enough "company" from my idiot family.

We have a typical atmosphere. Boring markets lead to boring food every day. It's like a tiny community that's out to get me. No, I'm not paranoid. It's just the boring life of me. I have to throw some excitement in there somewhere.

My fake friend always keeps me up to date on the latest gossip, as if I care. She's into the abnormal: ghosts and mythological creatures. Therefore, every time a new store comes into our little community, she insists that it's inhabited by monsters. The new clothes store? Golems. The coffee shop? The employees are practicing witchcraft in the back room. The herb and tea shop? She thinks there's a spirit in there, a mage. I tolerate her as there's little else I can do.

Sometime last week, I went and visited that little herb and tea shop. It's actually a cute little place. Maybe I'll go there more often. Too bad I hate tea.

Maybe it'll at least keep me from having to be anywhere else I hate. The kind old lady in there doesn't even bother me like most store clerks do.

I feel tired sometimes. I just want to get away from here, into my own world. My own life, in my own world, away from delinquent fathers and epileptic mothers, suicidal sisters and annoying girls who won't leave you alone. I want something more.

But perhaps, I'll never find it.

The End

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