An new lifeMature

An average life, unraveled and unbound. What would you do with unlimited freedom?

Beautiful blue skies framed by lush trees and a glorious valley stretched out beneath my feet. The land went on forever, because I wanted it to. Calling me, the world bekoned me. Yearned that I roam it and scour every nook and cranny existing. And I could. I can do anything.

My teeth chattered, though the breeze was hardly chilling. The birds in the sky disappeared at my will; I wanted nothing to interfere with this landscape I had conjured up.

I distantly pondered where I had taken myself to, but it hardly mattered. Where I was, nothing mattered. Nothing ever mattered, and nothing had to ever matter again, if I wanted it not to.

And I so wanted it not to.

After all, I had everything now. I could leave my old life behind. I mustered up the courage to step out onto the world in my mind.

The End

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