An Introduction to a Different Kind of Rainbow

Scarlet's first encounter with Kaleido

  “Ok Scarlet, today you’re pairing you with Kaleido.  He’ll be teaching you about how to wield a gun and possibly some target practise” an instructor told me at breakfast, making me nearly choke on my cereal.

 Guns had never left any good memories for me; I’d been threatened many times when I was younger with them, forcing me to undergo many experiments.  Over time I had given up resisting, but still the scientists had kept at least one gun under their coats.  To them, I was nothing more than a danger that could attack at any time.  Even though it was fairly obvious that I could never put enough energy into punching a pillow, let alone a human.  The disease, and the drugs they gave me, had weakened me far beyond my age.  Never would I have guessed how much progress I’d make now I was free with my own kind, but this exercise would be one of the most challenging for me.

  Slowly, I headed towards the shooting range; I noticed a man with dark blue hair slouching on a chair.  His hair covered his face but by the sound of his breathing it seemed that he was asleep.

“Umm, excuse me.”

Nothing, so I tried a little louder.

“Hello? Are you awake? I’m looking for Kaleido, do you know him?”

To my surprise I saw him smile, a large grin full of sharp teeth.

“Yeah, strangely I do.”  He replied.

Bang!  The sound of a gun startled me, before I knew what had happened the man had pinned me against a nearby target, gun in hand aimed at my head.  His smile had doubled in size and his hair had changed colour to orange.  Also his hair had been covering an eye patch over his right eye, wonder how that happened...

“Heh, never just walk up to stranger and ask questions little lady.  Especially the dodgy kind like me, or else-“

Bang!  My heart stopped. He smile grew.

“You could end up dead.”

I tried to calm my breathing, it was only a blank.  The man let me go, I relaxed and noticed that his hair has shifted colour yet again, several questions were already in my head. 

“In answer to your question though, yes I am Kaleido.  I am one of the scientists here but also one of the best gunmen around.”   He said still grinning, flicking his turquoise hair.

 “I’m guessing you’re wondering about my hair, first question anyone asks me.  You see a few years ago I decided I’d had enough with the grey hair we all end up with ‘cause of that damn disease.  So being a scientist, I made a chemical to change my hair colour; unfortunately I wasn’t umm very experienced at the time.  To put it simply, I ended up with hair that changes colour with my every emotion, strange really.  Sometimes comes in handy, but not when you are trying to be intimidating and you have odd coloured hair.  I’ve made many foes crack up in battle, leaves them wide open and bang!  Bullet goes straight through the head.”

He laughed loudly; I moved back a few paces nervously giggling along with him.  Another one I’d better not mess with I thought with a sigh, this was going to get humiliating.


The End

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