A stranger

Knock, knock.

I force my eyes away from the piano covered in darkness that I had been gazing at intently for several minutes, and look at the door.

There is a girl standing there looking directly at me.

I don't react. I have grown helpless and don't expect anybody to help me out. The girl waves at me and smiles. But I just want her to go away. She's come to laugh at me, I think, my face flushing and my throat tightening painfully. Hopefully she'll go away in a minute, I tell myself. I look away from the door.

Five, maybe ten minutes later, I realize the girl has gone. I breathe again. I wonder what she wanted. Did she get what she wanted? Is she laughing at me right at this very moment with her friends?

Literally five seconds later, she's back again and standing at the door. This time she has a piece of paper with her. She holds the paper up so that I can see the gigantic words scrawled in the middle of the paper. It says, 'will you be my friend?' In that moment I feel so emotional. I want to smile and laugh out loud - all because someone actually wants to be friends with me.

But then I remember the seriousness of my situation. I can't talk to her. What would I do? My heart sinks.

I look at the girl's bright, hopeful face. I want to break down and cry.

Someone had finally noticed me. They wanted to be friends with me. But I knew it could never work. I want to disappear. Then I think about trying to tell the girl that I'm locked in here. I could ask her to help me! But how? I don't even have any pen and paper with me.

A noise comes from the door. I look to see what is happening, fear filling up every particle of my entire body.Then I realize the girl has tried to open the door, only to find it locked. I feel tense. She tries to open the door again. I very quickly take a sneaky glance at her face. What does that expression mean? I wonder. It's got to be either worry or puzzlement, I reason with myself. But what is she going to do next?

The girl looks at me for about two seconds.

Then she starts running down the corridor.

I am alone again.

The End

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