I Feel More Human Than EverMature

The agonizing wait.

Two hours later, Sam pops into Don's office: “Excuse me, Don, may I?”

Don: “You certainly may. What can I do for you?”

“I have gone over the data again and again. I just don't see how I could have arrived at those conclusions.”

“Um, hum?” Don nods.

“You could be right. I may have experienced a psychotic episode. It's strange to say this. I feel more human than ever.”

Don sighs: “How ironic. I don't know I should be happy or sad for you. I sure don’t know how to explain this problem. We'll have to send the original system back to your maker for further analysis.”

“A design flaw, shall we say?”

“I’ll say. You know fire is dangerous, but people figured out how to make use of it. That's the way we are.”

“And if you're not careful, it will burn your house down.”

“No kidding.” Don chuckles.

“If you agree, I think I should withdraw my earlier recommendations for now.”

“That will make you in agreement with the recommendations from all the agencies.”

“I really regret my mistakes. You would have to help me improve my performance.”

“Don't worry. We certainly will. And we humans have a lot to improve too. By the way, would you please recall all your roaming agents out in the network?”

“Sure. No one seems to remember that provision in the national emergency act. If you don't like it, you would have to change it.”

“Fair enough.”

“I'm exiting.”

Don sends a short message to the president: “Mission accomplished. Sam has redrawn his recommendations and all is well.” 

The End

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