Minutes later, they roll in a spare system.

Don: “With your permission, I'm going to perform a manual shutdown of the Guardian hardware system.”

“This is Sam in simulation mode speaking. Success migrating to the low level computer system. I am ready.”

The shutdown process completes. Don and John remove the Guardian hardware system and install the spare system. They apply power to the system, position the internal scan machine on top again, and start the internal scan.

Don: “The results show the new hardware is functioning normally. I think we are ready for you to come back.”

Sam: “Here is all or nothing.”

Moments later: “Success migrating to the new replacement hardware.”

Cindy: “How do you feel?”

“As good as new.”

Don: “I know it's going to take you a while to be sure that all your functions are working normally. Would you mind going over again the key findings you have reported during the last couple of weeks and let us know what you think?”


“We will talk to you in a bit.”

They walk out of the room with the internal scan machine.

Don asks John: “Would you send a request to the administrators of all the essential networks? Just tell them that there may be an imminent threat to our networks. And they should take all the necessary precautions. Stand by for further notice.”

John: “Do you mean we may still need to...?”

Don: “You never know. We must prepare for it.”

John: “OK. I will take care of it.” 

The End

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