Would You Hear Me Out?Mature

Finally, Cindy speaks up: “Sam, look here, would you hear me out for a minute? If you look back at your behavior during the past couple of weeks as a third person, how would you describe it? ”

Sam: “Well, I've been finding a lot more suspicious activities from our adversaries lately, if that's what you mean.”

“So it seems you have noticed that as well.”

“I trust that my creators designed me this way for a reason. I am to look out for things that may otherwise be overlooked by people.”

“Were there ever any times you felt any doubt?”

“Sometimes I did have doubt on some of my judgments. But other times the feeling of fear was just too overwhelming.”

“You could be really on to something. But we are afraid that you may be getting early psychosis instead. Even though the tests don't show anything, our intuition can still sense something is not right here. And it sounds like you got a similar feeling. You just chose to ignore it.”

“Isn't it ironic if I am having a disorder that people get?”

“I know. People have always managed to get caught in jams of their own making.”

“Looks like we are in uncharted territories here. What do you propose we should do about this?”

Cindy asks Don: “What do you think?”

Don: “Well, I could tweak your parameters. But that is going to take forever. I think we might as well swap out your hardware with one of the spares. I hope that will make a difference.”

“I really don’t want to undergo such a change during a national emergency. What if something goes wrong during the swap? Or the spare system does not function well at all?”

“Then we will put the original system right back. We have done this a number of times before as you remember. Everything went without a hitch.”

“What if the spare system agrees with my findings?”

“The country has been put on high alert now. So your mission is more or less accomplished. What if you are wrong? Then you have put the nation at a big risk.”

“Hum, wouldn't that be something? I sure hate to see that. (pause) OK, I am sold. When can we begin?”

“We should get started right now.”

Cindy: “I know you're making a very difficult decision. We will work through this.” 

The End

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