The Internal ScanMature

Twenty minutes later, Don and John roll the internal scan machine into Sam's room, with Cindy walking behind.

Don: “Sam, have you prepared yourself?”

“Yes, I have. Don't try to pull anything stupid!”

Don rolled his eyes: “I know how to shut you down, if I really want to do that.”

“I know you can, and I can guarantee you that you would pay a heavy price for it.”

Don and John position the machine on top of Sam: “Sam, you can leave now.”

Sam: “This is Sam in simulation mode speaking. Success migrating to the low level computer system. I am ready to be tested.”

The test is underway. They anxiously look at the display.

Moments later, Don goes through the results: “Normal?! (another page) Normal?! What the hell? (another page) Normal?! I can't believe this!”

Cindy: “A few regions do show activities on the high side. Still within allowable limits though.”

The test is finally completed. Don and John remove the internal scan machine.

Sam: “Success migrating back to the Guardian system. I told you. This proves once and for all my reasoning capability is very much intact.”

People fall silent. 

The End

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