We Will Be Watching YouMature

Later in the White House, the president receives a call from the Spartan Prime Minister: “Our people has detected some unusual military maneuvers. Would you mind explaining?”

“No, you've gotten it totally wrong. We are just undergoing a routine exercise.”

“That's what you say. If you don't de-escalate, I would have no choice but to respond accordingly.”

“Please don't make any silly moves. On the other hand, we have detected some unusual maneuvers on your side lately.”

“I am flabbergasted. As far as I know, I have not given any such order. If you want to use this as an excuse to justify your escalation, you are making a big mistake.”

“I'm with you. Why don't we have periodic phone calls so that we can de-escalate this situation.”

“Any time. We will be watching you.”

The president gets off the phone frustrated. 

The End

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