You Have Read My MindMature

The president asks his national security adviser: “I need to see the data mining team. I heard that Sam caught an indiscretion by the team leader and had him expelled. How is the investigation going?”

Adviser: “So far we have found nothing. His name is Don. The woman's name is Kathleen. She seems to be just a regular researcher. Apparently she was just being nosy.”

“So he can be re-instated?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“OK. Then do that. Send him in as well.”

The president meets the team, Don, John, and Cindy: “Sam, are you there?”


“Anyway, I want to commend your team for getting such good results. Sam is brilliant in spotting this potential threat.”

Don: “We heard about it.”

“Sam was adamant that I took his recommendations, even though his human counterparts are not as alarmed. Let's hope he's right. I am taking a huge risk here.”

Don: “I am astonished by how good Sam is becoming. I think over time we can fine-tune his functions to make him even better at it.”

“Great, great. You seem to have read my mind. The key word here is BETTER. Our nation is counting on you now. Do you know what I mean?”

“I believe I know exactly what you mean.”

“Excellent. I hereby grant you full power on this matter. Do you understand? You can use whatever means at our disposal to handle this matter.”

“Yes, sir. We understand.”

“Alright, you can go now. I want regular updates from you.” 

The End

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