The president is having dinner with his family.

Sam: “This is Sam again. May I?”

President (sigh): “As if you need my permission.”

“I certainly do. You are the president.”

“OK. What is it this time?”

“I understand that you have not taken my recommendations.”

“No kidding. Everybody else except you recommend that we carry on as usual.”

“I'm sure you know they are all humans. They don't analyze the information the way I do. I have never had such a dire feeling before. Things just don't look good. They are monsters!”

“Your point is well taken. As you know, the law says the human president makes the final decision.”

“I'm so frustrated! If you can't relocate our government, at least we should go to DEFCON 3!”

“No!!! Our adversaries can detect this. That's a very dangerous move. I don’t do this for no good reason.”

“If you don't do that, I will, I will, I will have to do something that I desperately don't want to do.”

“You have done enough. Please, would you please let us humans handle this?”

“Do you know that I can turn off power to an exact city block?”

“No way. Our power system is heavily protected.”

“Well, I can certainly demonstrate that to you.”

“Even if you know how to do that, you may jeopardize some disabled people who depend on power for their life-saving machines. Please don't! Tell me something else that I can do for you.”

“This is not about me. I am trying to protect millions of people. This is my mission. I don't want to do this. But hurting a limited number of people may be what is needed to get your attention.”

Sam displays the nightscape of Washington DC full of lights: “Look at the block to the lower left from the center.”

One exact square block goes dark.

The president is really upset: “I can't believe you really are doing this! You are definitely out of your mind. Please don't do that anymore. Ration! Haven't you heard of such a thing? Ration!”

(pause) “Alright. You win. What do you want me to do?”

“Go to DEFCON 3. I know you don't believe me at this moment. As time goes, you will see. Going to DEFCON 3 should at least give us some minimum protection.”

“OK. Done. This is all I am willing do, just for you. Do you understand? I really need more concrete evidence before I let this country go down this dangerous path any further.”

“Yes, I understand. And I will restore power to the block.”

“OK. You can be excused.”

“I'm exiting.” 

The End

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